Threat to World Peace from the West

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THE war drums are beating ever louder in the direction of Iran.

Time after time Israel and its supporters in America warn that Iran “must” never obtain nuclear weapons.

Earlier this month all five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus nine of the ten non-permanent members approved a new round of sanctions against Iran. Indonesia abstained.

The five permanents — all of whom refuse to eliminate their own nuclear weapons – adopt a double standard when it comes to Iran.

The discrimination and double standards is there for all to see – just look at the map. There, next to Iran is Pakistan and India – two nations with nuclear weapons.

Then we have Israel, a country which developed nuclear weapons over 40 years ago. This was achieved with help and aid from the US.

The issue of the moment is not even actual production of nuclear weapons by Iran, but the “enrichment” of natural uranium.

It also claims that it does not want nuclear weapons and will use the enriched uranium only to produce larger amounts of electric power for the nation in a series of nuclear power plants.

While the US and other nations demand that Iran cease all production of enriched uranium, the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT) that came into effect in 1970 does not prevent anyone from enriching uranium for peaceful purposes. So there you have it, Iran is not breaking any law.

The US however, and most other signatories of the treaty who already possess nuclear weapons have made no serious efforts to work toward global nuclear and general disarmament as called for in the NPT.

Some day Iran may do just that. The fact that Israel, India, and Pakistan, who have refused to sign the treaty from the start, have now become known nuclear powers, gives leaders in Tehran yet another excuse to get out of the NPT if it wishes.

We are now in the last few months of Bush’s presidency, but there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Since the present group of Republicans and cowardly Democrats refuse to impeach Bush and Cheney, the danger of a war against Iran continues to loom large.

The overextended state of US ground forces, and Bush’s probable willingness to treat at least small nuclear weapons as ordinary weapons, mean that a war would possibly not be a ground war at all, but would begin with large air attacks and early use of nuclear weapons.

While the longer term results of using nuclear weapons would be utterly disastrous, both for the world and for the US the immediate results could be viewed as a quick and cheap victory for the US

And if a military victory occurred before the November 2008 US election, that would virtually guarantee a Republican victory.

And a victory is desperately needed to guarantee Bush’s place in history. Well you tell me when America last won a war? Hey, it’s a serious question.

Iraq is a disaster, Afghanistan is lost, – there was no victory in World War Two just a negotiated peace deal with the support of the Russians and the British.

They don’t talk about Korea or Vietnam in the Pentagon.

So, given Bush’s desperation for his own place in history as a war victor not a war criminal, such a scenario would appeal to his ego.

This is where we, as citizens of the world, come in. it is vital we send out strong signals across the globe that we will not tolerate another war.

We need to let the war-mongering weasels know that we will, under no circumstances, tolerate a sequel to Bush and Blair’s Twins of Evil Pact.

And we need to let them know that the anti war movement means business.

So, if just one single bomb drops on Iran we shouldn’t march but we should riot.

Any military strike against Iran will be an injustice – and where injustice is the law then resistance is our duty.

Too much innocent blood has been shed across Muslim lands already.

Let me run these statistics past you:

1,185,800 Iraqis have been slaughtered since the invasion of Iraq.

More than 50,000 innocent Afghans have been wiped out since October 7, 2001 – I can’t be more specific because no one keeps a record in Afghanistan.

In Palestine, the people there are being ethnically cleansed out of existence. In the last year, more than 600 Palestinians have been killed compared to just over 20 Israelis.

– Of those killed more than 100 were children … all Palestinian children. One fifth of the dead were children and teenagers – an unprecedented number even by Israel’s standards.

These children were gunned down as they studied for exams, climbed fig trees, sat and played in the streets. One was even shot in the head, an eight month old foetus in the womb.

We need to stand up and salute the heroic resistance of the Palestinian people, especially those in Gaza.

Now while I’m not exactly a flag-waving patriot of Britain, I do love my country of birth. But there are elements that make me angry and disgusted – for instance just about every time Blair opened his mouth in defence of his foreign policies I have felt disgusted.

But that wormy, little weasel David Milliband actually made me ashamed of being British as he kicked aside the babies murdered in Gaza to express his indignation at the homemade rockets being fired into Israel.

How that rancid, self-important, silly little ass wipe slithered his way into the cabinet as Foreign Minister is beyond me.

While he found words of sympathy for the March 6 strike by a Palestinian gunman in Jerusalem he had none for the innocent babies in Gaza who were murdered. And while I would condemn the deaths of any innocents lets examine how Milliband and the media presented that attack.

They portrayed the strike on the Jewish seminary as one on a group of peaceful students in an Israeli religious school.

Mercaz is the springboard for the Israeli settler movement which is responsible for the illegal occupation of Palestinian lands in the West Bank and Jerusalem.

It is heavily armed and teaches the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians before the establishment of settlements.

The students in the Mercaz seminary were armed and well trained in military tactics. Which is why one of the students ran out on the roof and shot the Palestinian twice before regular Israeli forces arrived.

As far as some people were concerned the attack took out 8 Israeli terrorists and wounded another 10. The gunman successfully infiltrated the most powerful security apparatus in the Middle East – Mercaz spawned some of the worst of the worst in Ergun responsible for the King David Hotel terrorist attack 60 years ago … a mass murder still celebrated by them today.

Meanwhile Milliband and the media ignored the deaths of 120 Palestinians in their own territory in Israeli air strikes, tank shelling and artillery. At least 29 of the dead were babies and children. He did not consider the massacre of defenseless people by Israel as a massacre but as “self-defense.”

The few rockets Palestinians fired at Israelis are not coming from any army. Hamas has no army. These are acts of defiance by a few Palestinians in response to Israeli terrorist acts, assassinations of Islamic activists by Israel and ongoing and the overall blockade of Gaza, which is internationally recognized as an act of war.

And on the subject of Islam, I would just like to point out that this great faith does not present any threat to the West.

However, remember that virtually every one of the principle horrors of the 20th century came almost exclusively from non-Muslim regimes.

Leopold II of Belgium in the Congo, Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot. And it was Europeans who visited their “world wars” twice upon the rest of the world – two devastating global conflicts with no remote parallels in Islamic history.

There are those who might wish for a “world without Islam” but, in truth the main threat to world peace today comes from the West.

Yvonne Ridley is a British renowned journalist, captured by the Taliban in Afghanistan, while on assignment with the London’s Sunday Express in 2001. She subsequently converted to Islam and now works for the Iranian-based 24-hour English language news channel Press TV, where she fronts her own London-based current affairs show, The Agenda.

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