Yemen’s Sheik Abdul-Majid Warns against US Occupation

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Yemen Sheik Abdul-Majid al-Zindani warns against US occupation

Yemen Sheik Abdul-Majid al-Zindani warns against US occupation

YEMEN’S most influential Islamic cleric has warned that the United States-backed fight against so-called al-Qaeda could lead to “foreign occupation” of the country, Al-Alam news reported

Sheik Abdul-Majid al-Zindani’s comments illustrate the pressure Yemen’s government is enduring to limit the US role the country even as Washington ramps up counterterrorism aid and training to help combat al-Qaeda’s offshoot in the country.

Al-Zindani, head of al-Iman University, said Yemen rejected “the return of colonialism”.

The US insists to continue involving in Yemen fight against al-Qaeda in the country, but says it will not send troops there.

Speaking to reporters at his home in Sanaa, Mr Zindani said: “We accept any co-operation in the framework of respect and joint interests, and we reject military occupation of our country. And we don’t accept the return of colonialism,” AlAlam reported

Sheikh decreed: “Yemen’s rulers and people must be careful before a [foreign] guardianship is imposed on them.”

“The day parliament allows the occupation of Yemen; the people will rise up against it and bring it down.”

Meanwhile, USA, Britain, and Western media are manufacturing the consent by telling the world that al-Qaeda controls Yemen and its Central and regional authorities are not capable to handle the situation. Telegraph, London reported that “al-Qaeda has forged its strongest relationship with local tribes in the sparsely populated mountains and desert of the south, where long simmering resentment of the government has given way to near-rebellion. Regional politicians have presented a much bleaker prognosis than the authorities in the capital Sana’a, who have repeatedly sought to play down the threat posed by extremists in the wake of the Detroit terror attack.”

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