Taliban Refuses Karzai Offer to Lay Down Arms

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PESHAWAR: Taliban again refused Afghan President Hamid Karzai’s offer to lay down weapons and resume normal life in lieu of money and jobs.

“The government would not be able to divide and weaken the Taliban by using money,” Taliban spokesman Qari Muhammad Yousuf Ahmadi told Afghan Islamic Press (AIP) by phone from an undisclosed location in Afghanistan.

He said the first thing Karzai and occupation forces should understand was that the Taliban were united. “They are neither rigid nor moderate but fighting to gain the willingness of Allah Almighty and independence of their country. They are fighting against foreign invaders,” Yousuf Ahmadi said.

The government would fail to buy the fighters and create strife among them, he said, adding: “Taliban will not stop offering resistance. Their loyalties cannot be bought.” “The aim of Taliban is to expel foreign forces from Afghanistan and to establish an Islamic government and these objectives cannot be achieved without waging Jihad against the invaders.”

Reacting to the statements issued by the US Defence Secretary Robert Gates that he does not know what the Taliban are trying to make of Afghanistan, Ahmadi said: “The US and the world community should understand that Taliban want to make Afghanistan an Islamic state.”

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