U.S. Military Bases in Colombia Stab to South America, Says Chavez

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chavez-1VENZULEN President Hugo Chavez said on Sunday that the U.S. bases in Colombia “are a stab against the unity of South America.” Chavez was attacking US during his television and radio program “Hello President” broadcast live from the Bolivar Square in Caracas.

The president also said that the right-wing in Latin America was being organized to attack the Bolivian Alliance of the Americas (ALBA) and the Union of South American Nations (Unasur).

Chavez said that the U.S. government would not be able to stop the development of the ALBA in Central America despite the coup in Honduras.

Chavez added that the coup against Honduran ousted president Manuel Zelaya was supported by the United States.

“The U.S. Empire” and the right-wing try to make the next government of Brazil to be subordinated to the imperialist mandate “which also will be terrible for the unity of South America,” Chavez said.

In October 2009, the United States and Colombia signed a military cooperation agreement, which allows the presence of American troops in military bases already existing in Colombia.

The agreement has been criticized by member countries of the Union of South American Nations, mainly by Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador.

Chavez, on several occasions, has said that the U.S.-Colombia military agreement is targeting Venezuela by the United States.

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