Satan Dutch MP to Screen Anti-Quran Movie in the Lords

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SATAN inspired hate monger Dutch MP, Geert Wilders is due to screen his controversial anti-Quran movie in the British House of Lords next month. Wilders has accepted an invitation from Lord Pearson of Rannoch to screen his film ‘Fitna’ on March 5.

‘Fitna’ is a 17-minute anti-Quran movie which features quotations from the Quran interspersed with footage of terrorist atrocities and speeches by Muslim scholars and preachers. This is the second time that the politician has been invited to the House of Lords to show the film.

Wilders was invited to screen Fitna in the House of Lords last February, but found himself at the centre of an international free speech row when he was held at London’s Heathrow airport before being sent back to Holland.

The then Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith, was accused of undermining free speech and of ‘appeasing’ religious extremists by blocking the Dutch politician’s visit. But the ban on Wilders entering the UK was overturned on appeal last October by the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal.

A British official said: “He’s free to travel and the Border Agency will not be alerted.”

The official added: “The ruling is pretty crucial here – if he did try to travel it would be very difficult for the Government to stop him entering as the tribunal made it very clear they do not support the Government’s position.”

This Satan Dutch MP has also been condemned for writing hate articles and letters against Islam which were later published in a mainstream Dutch newspaper.

Wilders is currently on trial for hate crimes in the Netherlands and could face up to two years in prison if he is found guilty. Wilders is the leader of the “Freedom Party” of Holland.

Wilders visit is expected to be greeted by protests from British Muslims. The Muslim Council of Great Britain has described Wilders as a ‘relentless preacher of hate.’

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