ICNA Relief Asks Islamic Centers to Donate for Haiti Earthquake Victims

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IRFAN Khurshid, ICNA Relief Canada’s Executive Director appealed to all fellow Canadians, particularly Islamic Centres, Masajid and Muslim communities to come forward and donate for urgently needed relief in Haiti.

Upon arriving in Toronto after his three-week long relief trip to Haiti, Mr. Khurshid described the situation in Haiti following last month’s earthquake. He landed in Haiti just a few days after the earthquake and immediately started the relief work, provided urgently needed items such as food, water, tents and medical relief to earthquake survivors. He described how he has visited many disaster areas in past years, including many Southeast Asian countries following the 2004 Tsunami & Pakistan, following the 2005 Earthquake there. Despite, this, he said that the chaos he saw in Haiti during his trip was the worst he has ever seen. The Haitian government was quite ineffective even before the Earthquake, but has become essentially paralyzed since the earthquake hit, he explained.

“The UN and other international relief agencies from all over the world are trying to provide relief but the situation is still very desperate and people are in need of lot of help” said Mr. Khurshid about the ongoing situation. “Approximately 70% of the capital city, Port-au-Prince has been destroyed. Dead bodies are still in many of the destroyed houses, and many people are still without shelter, food and water” he added.

ICNA Relief Canada’s contribution composes of distribution of all types of relief items, with a main focus on, food, water, shelter, medicine, doctors and mobile medical clinics. Mr. Khurshid explained in detail, saying:

“We have established a base camp and an office in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. We have a 10 person staff working in Haiti, which includes two local (Haitian) doctors, four local support staff, and two support staff from Dominican Republic. Doctor and volunteer teams from North America are arriving at our Base Camp to help us in our relief activities. Many of them bring donated medicines with them.”

Mr. Khurshid appealed to all Canadians to help by sending donations to purchase the above relief items. He also requested medical professionals to volunteer by going to Haiti and helping in ICNA Relief’s medical relief camps and also that they bring medicine with them if possible. He added that some airlines do not charge for Medical Relief Boxes for Haiti.

ICNA (Islamic Circle of North America) Relief Canada is a Canadian relief organization with many ongoing international and domestic projects. Their international relief work includes: providing food and shelter, medical and education programs, orphan and widow support, economic empowerment programs and emergency relief. In Canada, they provide food banks, family services and counselling and other family support initiatives.

ICNA Relief Canada’s  website: or Call ICNA Relief Canada’s office at 905 257 997 ext 241.

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