Muhammad (s.a.w.) for All: A Seminar in India

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MIRA ROAD (Mumbai, India): “The life of prophet Muhammad (s) is a real example for all of us to follow. We don’t just have to listen about him, the real success will be achieved only if we implement his teachings in our lives” these were the words of Harbans Singh Sethi the president of Mira Road Gurudvara.

He was speaking on the occasion of a seminar ‘Muhammad (s.a.w.) for All’ orgnaised by Jamaat e Islami Hind, Mira road unit at Shubham Hall.

The seminar was part of Jamaat’s on going campaign Muhammad (s.a.w.) for All from 17th feb till 28th Feb 2010 across Maharashtra.

People from all faiths attended the program. The gathering of more than 200 including man and women from all faiths, religion and caste were listening to the prominent speakers of all religions about the life of Prophet (s.a.w.).

Speaking on the auspicious occasion Pandit Damodar, a spiritual counsellor from ISKON quoted many teachings of Quran and told that the salvation lies only in following divine guidance.

Fr. Dominic Vas the main priest of St.Joseph church discussed the commonalities between Islam and Christianity. He explained that many teachings of Islam are common between the two religions and are enough to bring the communities closer. He said that he is very much inspired by teachings of Islam such as fasting and Zakat system which, really can solve the problems of modern society.

Dr. Ikram Khan from Ahmed Nagar and Azam Ali from Rajasthan briefed about prophets life.

Dr. Javeed Mukarram, member of advisory council for JIH Maharashtra, presided the seminar. He said that these kind of inter religious gatherings are necessary in the present situation where disharmony and fear politics been played by few people. But one should note that the people who are spreading hatred are very few and can be easily ignored. Islam and terrorism has no relation at all.

“Terrorists have no religion, even if somebody indulge in this kind of activity, claims to be a Muslim, cannot be a Muslim as his act is totally against the teachings of Islam and that of Prophet Muhammad (s)”, he said.

He said, “The solution to our problems lies in the life of Prophet Muhammad (S) which has already been proven multiple times on the face of this earth.  Some people say, it is 1400 years old teachings and are now impractical, but they should not forget that solution is not from Muhammad (S) but creator of the universe who knows the past and the future.”

“The duty of a Muslim is not only to convey the message of Prophet verbally or through literature like a post man, but we have to show the living examples today”, he said.

The program was followed by a dinner. All people appreciated the efforts JIH in bringing the communities together and many requested to make a common forum of people from all religions.   UMMID.COM

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