New Yorkers Protest US Military Surge in Afghanistan

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ON Monday the 19th of February, hundreds of city residents protested the US military assault against the people of Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan. The demonstration was held in the tourist and commercial hub of the city, Herald Square.

The organizers pointed out that these mega stores are being directly affected by these illegal wars since the US government is spending trillions of dollars bombing innocent civilians instead of providing social services and much needed public service jobs in the US.

Pakistani speakers at the rally, including Comrade Shahid Secretary General of the Pakistan USA Freedom Forum who told the crowd that the US military drone aircraft attacks against Pakistan are in violation of that country’s sovereignty and against international law. He added that the attacks against the civilian population are creating a wedge between Americans and Pakistanis.

Other groups taking part in the protest include students from Fight Imperialism Stand Together (F.I.S.T.) which was represented by Jen. She declared that working class students are suffering economically and thousands of students have dropped out of college because they could not afford to pay tuition. She again pointed out that the illegal war is taking away money from education.

Other speakers demanded that the nation’s resources be invested in providing free health care for all instead of the war.

One of the major organizers of the event was the International Action Center.

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