Taliban Flogging Video was Fake, Prepared and Financed by a NGO at Islamabad

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MR. Hamid Mir brought Samar Minallah in his program Capital Talk and she displayed flogging video of a girl and blamed Taliban for such vicious act. At hundred of occasions that video was referenced and today’s all PPP’s leadership made it drama for seeking American money.

As video was a pre planned conspiracy against Swat peace accord and it was not in the interest of some peoples that were making money from war of terror. At a later stage I would produce records and writings of prostitution gangs of Pakistan including MQM, ANP and PPP who justified Army invasion on Swat by linking above video.

Today’s daily “the News” and daily “Jang” have reported that above video was bogus and all characters were paid by a NGO at Islamabad for same fake video. The person involved in flogging character was nabbed and Mr. Hamid Mir in a column reported that person was under investigation. Remember this was the same column that highlighted torture video of Pakistan army at Swat.

I wrote two articles and highlighted that video seems to be fake and Pakistan army must not jump in invasion of Swat, copies of both articles are given below.

Now I congratulate Mr. Hamid Mir for recent award and request that please put some light on characters behind this fake video.

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