“The Blastphemy” Releases as Protest to Danish Cartoons of Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh)

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the-blastphemy-dvdTORONTO: Haris Sheikh, Canadian of Pakistan origin filmmaker finally releases, “The Blastphemy”, documentary in protest to Danish cartoons of Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh).

It unravels Muslim’s P.O.V over blasphemy, especially from Pakistan. Saleem Ullah Khan (JUP President) along many others pledge at 78th anniversary of Gazi Ilm Din Martyr in Lahore, Pakistan. Gazi is a legend against blasphemy since 1927 (His defense lawyer was Quaid -i- Azam; the founder of Pakistan). Saleem says, “The basic principle of Islam is the love for Prophet Muhammad, only then one can be a true Muslim!”

Dalia Mogahed (Advisor US President Obama and CEO of Gallup’s Centre of Muslim Studies Washington DC) condemns cartoons as Anti -Muslim that triggered global violence. Dalia compares Watts Ethnic Riots (1967), but also appreciates USA for not reprinting cartoons. She criticizes Europe’s double standards to “Muslim’s Citizens” and lack of learning from horrors of Holocaust. Dalia asks President Obama to review policies in Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan and respecting Muslims for global peace.

Canadian Imam Syed Soharwardy (controversial for petition against reprinting of Danish cartoons at Alberta Human Rights) says, “People are now trying to create another Holocaust against Muslims”. Imam Siraj Wahhaj (Afro- American Chaplain from Brooklyn New York) condemns violence and asks, “Why Muslims don’t offend, when media make fun of Prophet Jesus”. Siraj declares that if people have the freedom of press to condemn “Prophets”, then Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iranian President has also the right to question,” Holocaust “.

Director/Producer Haris Sheikh says, “This documentary cautions both; comrades of unlimited free speech and the suicidal Muslim’s hardliners”. Sheikh condemns current reprinting of offensive cartoons of Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) in Europe and of proposed legislation banning Muslim’s women’s rights to cover face in Quebec, while crosses and skullcaps enjoy the Charter of Rights in Canada.

“The Blastphemy” is a 62 minutes (English) documentary. ASHTAR Ron Allen, (famous for “Passion of the Christ”) composes ZEN with Qawwali allap by Shahid Ali Khan. DVD is now available on

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  1. Julee says:

    Boycott facebook due to the some people who wants to make joke about Islam and Muslims, but they forgot that Muslims are also humanitarian a human being
    They talk about Humanity but whenever Islam and Muslims come forward they just started blaming that the Muslims are terrorist that’s is completely false and rubbish.

    Muslims are also so innocent and never do anything against the any religion bcoz we believe that everybody Loves GOD, everybody believes in Almighty but the name of the superior is different, Muslims called ALLAH, Christians Called GOD, Hindo Called BHAGWAN, and somebody called him LORD. But think all is same we all have one GOD who created this universe for us to spread the love and to love each others from the heart so why we never understand when a Muslims enter in the forum and the other religions start doing something like Muslims are not a noble one. Why tell me.

    We respect to everyone even though being a Muslim we never ever say that some one is wrong bcoz we believe that everyone is doing their own job everyone is good but the job is different that’s make a man or a evil

    We as Muslims believe in Allah and Prophet Muhammad and we Love him most ……………so tell me loving with Prophet who had done so many things for us is wrong……… as believer and as Lover of Prophet is our rights ……………….as a Christian Love Jesus and GOD they never ever hear a single wrong word about them……………and same with Hindo they believe in Ram and Bhagwan so if anyone just start talking about Ram in wrong way so can u believe that they never say or they never fight for this …………….i believe they will must take an action for this bcoz that is there rights.

    Presently we are fighting for Michael Jackson’s Murder so is that wrong NO bcoz as his fans everybody want to protest and want justice for him and never ever want to hear a wrong word about Michael that’s is the thing that shows your Love. Many of his fans are in poll they are fighting for this.

    As Muslims we are requested please stop this all nonsense bcoz Muslims are also human being and they want to build a good relationship so don’t don’t any kind of rubbish that can make difference and build a enemies line in b.w two persons who love each others like family.

    Muslims always try to be good but remember if you just try to burn a Bee House then you will never safe yourself bcoz the BEE will never forgive you……………as it is if you burn a persons believe and hurt by this they will cry and start the war and start hating you.

    So please please try to be good and find a way to love each others ………………….GOD always say …………….you born for spreading love and Love is a thing to make u good.

    Stop this all and think Muslims are your brothers and sisters and how you break their hearts even you know they r your brothers

    Stop hating and spread the Love ………………….if you don’t know about OUR Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) so let start research I m sure you will come to know bcoz I believe that you have the biggest research work so don’t do anything that can make you to say SORRY when the time has gone and you never can say Sorry for this

    Before to do anything wrong think ……………are you ready to make a war.

    NO please don’t do this………….

    Facebook management is requested to please stop this and make a better place for everyone please. Peaceful place can build great nation

    For our child’s child for our whole world please protest and make a difference that can make this world a great one.

    Hope to see your prompt action regarding this

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