GAZA: Reporting About My Own Business Again

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THE Israeli warplanes targeted my own cheese factory for the next time.

At about 12.30 midnight, I woke up at the sound of a huge explosion. At the first minute, I thought that it was targeting my own house because of the voice of my children who were screaming and the thick smoke filling my own apartment.

I hurried up to the sleeping room of my children as the electricity was off. I found that my children are right and no one has been injured. I left my apartment in order to see my brothers family. I found all of my brothers doing the same as me. They were carrying their children and going downstairs. We became in the street.

Then, we found that the target was my cheese factory. All mass media working in Gaza came and took footages for the area. All of them showed a great deal of concern and being strange as they didn’t find anything showed that this place was targeted as the Israelis said, “rocket factories.”

This factory was targeted in the beginning of the last Israeli war against the Gaza Strip. It was a full automatic factory. The amount of losses last time exceeded 500,000 USD. Today the amount of losses exceeded 100,000 USD.

My sole question: why does the Israelis attach such a civilian facility????

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