“You’ve Got to Stop This War in Afghanistan”-Richard Holbrooke’s Last Words Before Death

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Stephen Lendman writes:

Richard Holbrooke

PUBLICLY his comments were upbeat. Privately, he was frustrated by a corrupt, inept Karzai regime, many US officials, and a conflict no combination of strategy and resources can turn around and win. Before receiving sedation for surgery, family members reportedly said his last words to his surgeon were, “You’ve got to stop this war in Afghanistan.” Perhaps it was his only sensible opinion throughout nearly five decades of public service. Too bad, no one’s listening.

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  1. Ishtiaq says:

    Put some sense in Obama’s nut to stop the war in Afganistan before it is too late for total and absolute disaster. US soldiers are meant to fight for their land and not a proxy war in an alien land. Even God Almighty will not forgive for the monkey who started this war.

  2. Hard nose Richard Holbrooke had been sent to this region to pursue Af-Pak policy which was essentially Pakistan specific. He always maintained a haughty posture when in Pakistan but was docile when in India. After his tiff with DGISI Lt Gen Pasha, he became more prudent and understanding towards Pakistan’s cause. He was unhappy with Afghan national Army, Karzai regime as well as with US-NATO generals in Afghanistan. His last call was the call of his conscience. Unlike the military generals, he rightly sought end to the futile war which is sinking USA and has made the world turbulent. Pentagon’s stubborness and failing to read the writing on the wall will prove disastrous for USA. ‘ The US has reached a stage when it is not in a position to stop the war and quit. It will have to pay for the sins it committed against the people of Afghnaistan, Iraq and Pakistan.

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