Why Salman Taseer Is Sweeping Abominations Even After His Death? Zardari Made Him Sacrificial Goat On Blasphemy Law

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SALMAN Taseer is an unfortunate person who is sweeping abominations and hate even after his death. It should be a matter of suicide for a person if 500 clerics may issue a decree that he is not a Muslim and no clergy must lead his funeral prayers, top clerics refused to lead funeral prayers and even Imam of Governor House mosque refused to lead prayers.

Clerics forbid saying his absolution prayers, sweets were distributed on his death and even Mumtaz Qadri is decorated with rose petals. Hundred of peoples are visiting his home including local politicians. According to BBC hundred also praised him on face book and hundreds of lawyers voluntarily announced to fight his case, many top lawyers kissed on his cheeks. On the news of torture today ex. Federal Minister of Religious affairs of PPP has shown his anger.

And for the same person if Hillary Clinton may say that it is great loss of U.S., moreover all of those western countries that are trying to snatch veils and Burka’s from the heads of Muslim women, who have notoriety in introducing discriminatory laws against Muslims, their engineered courts are sentencing Muslims including women, their citizens are floating caricatures of Holy Prophet and their forces are killing Muslims are also busy in indication that killing of Salman Taseer is their great loss, then think patiently what status does Salman Taseer would had in prevailing society.

One national newspaper quoted that he was established mole of MI 6 and had backing of foreign intelligence agencies that is why he was appointed as Minister in Mush era.

No any top politician condemned his murder in direct terms (as an act of assassination) by declaring his murder as a criminal act but everyone is trying to hide behind veils, some are blaming extremism, some are bashing Gen. Zia and many are trying to take shelter behind democracy. Liberal fascist are trying to high jack situation by posing him martyr of liberalism (Shaheed). Unfortunately not a single top politician declared him martyred or Shaheed, media is reluctant to call him Shaheed. Whether it is not a joke that communists and atheists who did not believe on religion and Islamic terminologies are the only group to call him martyr or Shaheed? Whether it is not extremism to high jack Islamic terms by so called secularists of PPP, ANP and MQM and apply for their political benefits.

Strength of only and only 6000 persons is a shame for ruling party to attend his funeral; out of 6000 persons 4000 were police, army and agencies (refer daily Times report owned by Salman Taseer). President, any Governor of provinces, 90 % Federal Ministers, 97% Ministers of provinces, 100 % heads of any political party were absent, no top clergy of any sect or religion dared to join his funeral prayers. Not a single General was seen at the occasion.  While he was a serving Governor and Chief Minister of his province and President of Pakistan with the lame excuses did not participate in funeral.

Another sorrowful situation arise after killing of Salman Taseer that agencies reported that public could disgrace grave of deceased, so army was contacted and secret arrangements of burial in the grave yard of national martyrs of armed forces was arranged and army arranged the event of the funeral under protection. Later lower ranked soldiers were sent with flower wreaths, possibly to please overseas lords, to show them that how our army is in pitiable circumstances that need immediate dollars for fighting war of terror.

There is no doubt that Zardari pushed Taseer to visit prison cell and he assured “Presidential Pardon “, when Taseer realized that he has been mis-used under a satanic game plan, he inverted to his early stance against blasphemy law and later he announced that he only wanted changes in the blasphemy law which was introduced by a dictator, Ziaul Haq and was not in favour of abolishing the law. But it was too late and liberal fascists, gay & lesbian groups, prostitution gangs, foreign funded NGO’s and atheist journalists had high jacked his earlier stance and started propaganda by keeping gun on his shoulder for their vested interests. Overseas lords started to canonize him as Lion of anti-Islam forces for which he had no capacity to bear such a great burden of running any revolution against such kind of laws that has links with sentimental beliefs of Muslims.

Media groups and TV channels that have started a campaign against extremism after his killing, same anchors and journalists are responsible for running Islam bashing drive on the shoulders of Salman Taseer. Particularly Abbas Athar of Express group on advise of his Jewish owners of the express group (Those also owns McDonald chain), Moeed Pirzada, Naseem Zehra, Najam Sethi of Dunya TV, Asma Shirazi, brother of DG ISPR in ARY and many others were in forefront to show Salman Taseer as bravest person of the world. His wording that it is a Black Law was repeated dozens of times to create hate against Islam. Remember above and some others in media were deliberately trying to link statements of Taseer as part of war of terror, in their opinion one sided propaganda against terrorism on the name Taliban would have same significance and momentum to bash Islamic Law behind thumping of Gen. Zia and Blasphemy law. In the same context also remember that the same media cowardly black out news about FATA, SWAT and Baluchistan and those have been talking about promotion of Sufism, support of Army created Lashkars, declaring Gen. Kiyani as Quaid e Azam of humanity and profiling of Pakistani’s. The Brelvi and Shia ulema factions were mesmerized to issue statements against opposite sects to divide community.

But their plot has been failed and all religious groups have joined hands.

Retraction of liberal fascists to their stance against blasphemy law:

A Rahman Malik, Minister of Interior announced that if anyone would commit blasphemy he would kill him with bullet.

Sherry Rahman announced and retracted to her earlier role after fuelling situation and declared blasphemy law as part of her faith.

Syed Khursheed Ahmad Shah, the minister for labour and religious affairs, has stated that his party had no intention at all of changing the law or doing anything to prevent its misuse

Federal Ministers like Babar Awan, speaker national assembly and many other moderates, liberals and progressives retracted from their earlier stance against blasphemy law instigated by Zardari via Salman Taseer. Several PPP members spoke of amendments to the law introduced by Gen Ziaul Haq but no one came forward to rescue Salman Taseer.

Asma Jahangir pressurized family members of Taseer to name religious parties in the FIR (Refer Daily Jang of 08-01-11). Her Ahmadi husband is an established fact and her father in law Mian Fazal Husain is registred Ahmadi. Another Ahmadi Aamir Mir of Jang group has become crazy because being employee of MOSAD and Raw his major task is to create rift between Deobandi and Brelvi factions. Another Tahir Khalil of Jang group even did not feel shame to write another friend of Shafiq Qadri as Deobandi (Refer Daily Jang of 08-01-2011).

Issue of profiling after killing of Salman Taseer:

No one can computerize profiling of entire nation on the basis of their thoughts. According to our information existing profiling is not based on facts but it is politically motivated. Individuals who have compiled the lists earlier have used their sectarian opinion to include their religious opponents. Whole profiling available with ISI, MI, IB, Min of Interior and Min of Defense has same criteria. Fanatics have penetrated in political parties and every part of establishment is trying to camouflage its own beloved faction. Think whether Zardari and Gilani or Hamid Saeed Kazmi is not religious fanatics. Other ministers are presiding terrorist organizations at federal capital, some ministers of PPP have full time job to mobilize sectarianism.

Frahnaz Isfahani, Faisal Raza Abidi, Farzana Raja, Husain Haqqani and Abdullah Husain Haroon have full time job assigned by Zardari to promote sectarianism, majority of guests of President House are sectarian concerns. All appointments made by Yousuf Raza Gailani particularly in police are sectarian motivated. Mir Hazar Khan Bajarani, Mumtaz Alam Gailani, Samsam Bokhari, 90% Ministers of Sindh and southern Punjab are seen presiding sectarian organizations reported by media with images. And total strength of visible liberal fascists in Pakistan is not more than 3000 person, well organized and financed, and backed by ISI and IB, all type of fanatics, communists, extremists and loose character immoral persons are ruling on 180 million public.

If you may notice keenly than top suppliers of boys and girls could be seen with different Ministers. To confirm please see name of only one largest supplier of prostitutes at Islamabd, “Ghazanfar Mahdi” an official of Ministry of information, his images in media with Mumtaz Alam Gailani, Hamid Saeed Kazmi, Mir Hazar Khan Bajarani, Yousuf Raza Gailani and Ghulam Ahmad Bloor are witness that how sexually corrupt are our ministers, and how powerful are prostitution and alcoholic gangs at Islamabad.

General Musharraf was himself patron of Cat house at Islamabad. Major customers of brothels spread over F-6 to F-11 sector of Islamabad are junior officers of army and air force that is a security risk as 70% strippers, prostitutes and massagers are foreigners.

Immediate profiling after murder of Taseer means to remove anyone who go to mosque or keep beard. While Pushtoon, Deobandi, Ahle Hadis, sympathizers of JI and persons attending Tableeghi Jamat are already under victimization. And now after inclusion of Brelvi factions almost 90 % of population would be security risk.

Some talks about Salman Taseer:

I wrote a story about his family and how his father passed his life, please click for reference on the link given below. Unfortunately Salman Taseer was not true heir of thoughts of his father; he adopted artificial and luxurious way of life, he gathered a group of atheists around him. And of those so called friends no one bothered to attend his funeral due to fear of life. In his last days he bullied on various persons, used cheap wordings to insult others. He wrote Mian Nawaz Shariff as “Gongloo”, he attacked on King of Saudi Arabia and he used filthy language against Wahabi’s. We should not blame on his remarks because it is part of cheap Jiala culture prevailing in PPP to bully on any one.

Interestingly his father’s ideologies were quiet opposing to him, his father was against so called liberalism, his love for holy prophet was not hidden and he widely condemned so called secularists in his life. M D Taseer his father being a teacher assisted Allama Iqbal and preached his ideologies. His pen name was “Hijazi”and like other majority of anti-Imperialists he was also labeled as Wahabi.

In real life Salman was not a brave person and when he married to a Sikh woman and refused to adopt his own son, Atish Salman Singh, he had no courage to announce or accept publically. Even his son travelled to Pakistan and wrote a book about his relation with Salman Taseer but he never admitted in public.

Today the peoples who are declaring him lion are in fact made him fool in his life, pushed him in the mouth of monster and later left him alone. Zardari is his real murderer, who instigated and promised him that he will use his Presidential powers in Aasia Maseeh case, but it was great mistake of Salman Taseer to trust Zardari, one by one all ministers turned their back, Babar Awan, Satan Malik, Zardari and Gilani everyone cheated. The matter was not so simple and everyone knows consequences of siding with a convicted blasphemy criminal. According to Fareed Zakrya on CNN Zardari distanced from his funeral to please Islamists. Zardari apologists are giving lame excuse of blue book, firstly that is not holy book and there are dozens of instances when troika is seen together. Why gay Bilawal was not summoned to represent party at the occasion but all PPP’s top leadership moved to Karachi for the security of their rule.

Sherry Rahman who is now hiding and begging for her security is real culprit who flared up the situation, everybody know character of sherry and her services to bash Islam. The group around her is characterless as well. On his bill submitted in National Assembly the President suggested that members of the party would be prevented from moving private-member bills, another hypocrisy and cheating Salman Taseer.

Many PPP’s foolish leaders and liberal fascists termed this law as Zia made law for political numberings, on the same hatred Salman Taseer called it Black Law. Liberal fascists were trying to dictate Pakistan army as folks used in FATA and Swat areas. I ask them that decrees or Fatwa’s of all of above 500 Ulema was right a few days back and why it is wrong against Salman Taseer today.

The authorities that are propagating that above Ulema have no value and nobody should bother about their decree then why ISI and Ministry of interior was dying to seek decree from same Ulema against Taliban. Bogus Fatwa of Tahir Padri was propagated in media. Through Rahman Malik MQM gathered same Ulema to seek decree separately. Moreover ISI, ISPR and IB hired same sect Ulema to divide nation in Deobandi and Brelvi factions. Murder of Mufti Nayeemi was surely Joint venture of ISI and CIA. All bomb blasts at different shrine was a conspiracy to divide Muslims. Whether Sunni Tehreek was not promoted and financed by Yousuf Raza Gilani and Shah Mahmood Qureshi, both patronized many meetings of Sunni Tehreek to divide Muslims.

Government of Pakistan and its establishment is fully responsible for promoting extremism in the society for the sake of dollars on the dead bodies of so called Taliban. Agencies sneaked criminals in religious factions and those were used for target killings. Drama of Shaitan Malik and Altaf Husain is yesterday’s story to take name of Taliban and Lashkar e Jhangvi in every terrorism incidence to divide Muslims. Shia’s were targeted and those were pushed to rise against Sunnis’s. Mahdi army was established at Aiwan e Sadar and its armed wing was headed by Secretary Defense. Zulfiqar Mirza made his own Shia army for target killings. When Zulfiqar Mirza blamed in his speech for target killings then he named MQM and Sunni Tehreek. And after one week police nabbed eight persons of Mahdi army that were involved in target killings of Sunni doctors and scholars last week. Generally Shia or Sunni population is nothing to do with terrorism and target killings; it is Zardari and Kiyani joint venture to create hate among Muslims for sucking dollars.

Family members of Salam Taseer must act with wisdom and desire of Zardari to politicize his murder for vested interests would rebound and as much Government would try to pose him as Shaheed as much Mumtaz Qadri would achieve popularity of Ghazi. Moreover canonization of western countries would flare up religious parties and public. Even if he is punished his popularity would always be higher than Taseer and his grave would be centre of honor. Zardari is responsible for his death and current propaganda to mobilize atheists against Islamists would start another civil war.

Anyone that is stressing that Salman Taseer was brave, liberal leader, Shaheed or innocent is not his friend and want to cash his death for vested interests and public anger against his actions must be normalized instead of flaring public sentiments.

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  1. Zeeshan says:

    Minus the issue of grammatical mistakes, this is one of the most honest, insightful and accurate post-analysis of the Salman Taseer affair. It clarifies all the confusion and hits the nail on the head.

    I only point out the grammatical errors because this article could be revised with more accurate English grammar and would serve to educate English speaking readers across different web forums and discussion sites.

    The writer has a very thorough and unbiased understanding of the mayhem in Pakistani politics.

    Thanks for the article.

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