Islamic Factors in Egypt Revolution and Muslim Mass Uprising

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By Jawed Anwar

Protesters in Tahrir Square have prostrated to Almighty Allah, announced sovereignty belongs to Allah

RECENT Egypt and Tunisian Revolution and mass uprising in Jordan and Yemen (with emerging undercurrents in all Muslim states) is almost viewed by both Rightists and Leftists of the West as just a pro-democracy movement. Some are viewing this movement as being against the dictators who were brutal criminals, mass murderers, torturers, and were anti-democracy. Some are presenting the movement as a show of anger against poverty, unemployment, and hunger.

All these analyses, perceptions, and presentations are of course partially true but not absolutely true.  The reasons are much deeper. To understand these movements, one has to have an understanding of Islam, Qur’an, Islamic history, and Muslim psychology.

Two things are common in the reasoning of Muslims’ uprising: slavery and humiliation. Muslims (a part of, or whole Muslim world) have been living under slavery for more than the last two centuries. First they were under the direct control of colonial and occupying powers; Britain, France, and Italy, etc. Afterward Muslims were slaves of the enslaving governments’ puppets, clients, paid agents, and rulers under all forms of governments –monarchy, dictatorship, socialism, and democracies.

However, Muslims have enormous power to emerge again even after the slavery of centuries. The reason is that their main literature, the book of guidance, the Quran, is intact and the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) are intact. Its texts, words, and letters are intact.

And what are its teachings?

Muslims and slavery can’t be combined. It is impossible for a Muslim to accept slavery if he/she has the Quran in his/her hand, in his/her heart, and in his/her mind.

Muslims also believe that human beings are the finest creation of Allah and the most dignified creature. The messengers/prophets of Allah, chosen from human beings, are the best among the best. So dignity should also not be compromised at any cost. Dignity is more important than life itself.

The first part of first Kalima (sentence, preamble, and slogan) of Islam is “La Ilah a Il lal lah” (no god is there except God). This is the slogan of freedom. Arabic language is the most comprehensive language. To explain one word of Arabic, we need dozens of words of English. The connotation of the word ‘Ilah’ includes the capacities to fulfill the needs of others, to give them shelter and protection, to relieve their minds of distress and agitation, superiority, and the requisite authority and power to do all these, to be mysterious in some way or hidden from humans’ eyes, and the turning of humans eagerly to Him.

When Muslims refuse to accept all type of ilahs, they include monarchs, dictators, communists, socialists, and democrats (mass-murderer, brutal Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, Mujibur Rahman, Indra Gandhi, and Hosni Mubarak –once prominent names among the democrats or socialists). They surrender to Allah, asking for the refuge and shelter of Allah, and that brings freedom and peace in life.

Islam provides a complete way of life:  a political system much better than any type of monarchy, dictatorship and democracy; an economic system much better than any kind of capitalism, socialism and communism; a social system much better than liberalism and secularism; an education system much better than Western characterless education; a judicial system (that supports oppressed) much better than Anglo-Saxons laws (that favours/lenient to oppressor and criminals); and a spiritual system much better than any spiritual system and dogmas. Islam purifies both body and soul and keeps active in the real practical life. Hence, Islam as a complete code of life doesn’t need any man-made system from outside from which to borrow.

The current Muslims uprising in Middle East, Africa, South Asia, and Afghanistan are deeply rooted in Islam, as are the undercurrent Islamic movements of Islam at all the places. The current “Bush-fire” has been inflamed after the first USA attack on Iraq in 1990 by Bush number 1.

Bush number 2 has to provide an excuse to invade, destroy, and then re-construct to control Iraq and whole region for forever. He has shown the world “what really happened” in 9/11 of 2001. Bush number 2 invaded and destroyed Iraq and Afghanistan, leaving several million dead bodies and hundreds of thousands of millions disabled and maimed.

USA has supported and given open license to Israel to kill men, women, and children of Palestinians on daily basis. The daily foods and drinks of the rulers of Zionist state Israel are the flesh and blood of Palestinian children.

America spent billions of dollars in a propaganda budget with the collaboration of corporate- and advertisement-bribed media to make Islam synonymous with terrorism.

The US, other Western powers and their agencies and think-tanks have funded Islamophobes and have paid heavy salaries to the pimps who were born, unfortunately, into Muslim societies and families.

Dozens of agencies, think-tanks, and websites have defined ‘Jihad’ in different and opposite meanings, created a new religion and falsely called it ‘Islam,’ funded and promoted terrorism in the name of Islam, and finally entrapped, charged, and imprisoned to show the world that Islam is the terrorism and Muslims are terrorists.

In the name of safety and security, police and security agencies of every state of the US increased their security budget from 100 to 500%. A written paper –a dossier of “home grown terrorism” based on manipulated and exaggerated data– was enough to increase these budgets.

The peace-loving Muslims, who practice real Islam with the Quran and Hadith, were being termed as terrorists. Jihad in Islam, which provides Muslims the power and right to defend themselves, a power and right to refuse to become a slave, a power and right to get liberty and freedom, now has become synonymous with terrorism.

Furthermore, the holiest, the most loved and praised one, the Messenger of Allah, Muhammad (may Allah send peace and blessings on him) was ridiculed and blasphemed from those Islamophobes and pimps, the dirtiest and darkest people of the earth.

These are out-of-proportion phenomenon triggered the mass movement in Muslim World. And I believe that it is not going to stop till the end of the oppression of the empire USA, Zionist Israel, and their collaborators. Muslim masses never mobilized and revolted for bread and butter in its history. It was never the issue of revolt.

The analysts, who are viewing the situation of Egypt as a revolt against hunger, poverty, and unemployment (solely), are thinking from their stomachs and not from their minds.

Hosni Mubarak supplies oil to Israel for half the price of that to which he provides to his own citizens in Egypt. Zionist-oppressed Palestinians brothers, sisters, orphans, and widows, whose homes were bombed, whose fathers, mothers, children, brothers, and sisters were killed, are the next door neighbours of Egyptians.

Was it not the peak of humiliation to spark a mass movement?

People gathered in Liberty Square, Cairo, were shouting Allah u Akbar (God is the greatest) and praying five times a day with the full texts of liberty and freedom from all kinds of false gods/powers. Liberty Square has been filled with millions on every Friday after listening to those texts in Friday prayer sermons. Ulema (scholars and intellectuals of Islam) advised the people to stay at Liberty Square till the fall of the regime. Islam gives Muslims an enormous power to resist. No ‘ism’ on this earth can match this power.

As soon as they heard the news of end of the Mubarak regime, they bowed down to Allah by announcing Allah u Akbar (God is Supreme)

Islam (unity of God, unity of universe, unity of human beings, universal brotherhood and sisterhood) is the climbing stairs of sky, and nationalism/secularism/socialism/liberal democracies are the sliding ropes for Muslims. This is not the time for falling down further.

Don’t be ignorant. Go to Al-Quran.

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  1. Sofia says:

    WOW!!!!! Excellent and well written article mashaAllah!!

    The Quran! The Quran! The Quran!

    The day we left the Quran, is the day we (Muslims) were humiliated and degraded. Its TIME to get back to the sunnah and hold fast to the rope that will guide us to Jannah.

  2. Abraham says:

    If anyone who can not understand what this Article claimes. Just see this way. Consider an active humen body and an active Society like Egypt protesters. Westerners and Zionist ( Part of Muslim Jew and Christian ) think the reason for the uprising is dictatorship, anti-democracy, poverty, unemployment, and hunger.
    These are same as Food ,water, cloth, for a body.But you need Oxygen which you can not see.Islam is the Oxygen for this active movement.

  3. abdullah says:

    As our prophet says : summa takuna ala khilafatun minhajun nabuat. which means and again there will be khilafah in the method of prophethood. time has come inshaalah for the reestablishment of khilafah. this we will not become fool by the west in the name of democracy.inshallah

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