Aafia and Raymond: Justice of the Mighty

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Aafia: Kidnapped, tortured, held in secret and then in isolation

Raymond: Pampered, full access to lawyers of his choice and his embassy

Aafia: Vienna Convention disregarded

Raymond: Vienna Convention invoked

Aafia: US & Pak govts worked tirelessly to ensure she never goes free

Raymond: US & Pak govts working tirelessly to ensure he goes free as soon as possible

Aafia: Harmed no one

Raymond Allen Davis

Raymond: Killed 2 human beings and caused 1 additional death

Aafia: imprisoned for 86 years for “attempting to kill her captors”

Raymond: Given immunity and expected to be released in a few days

Aafia: Citizen of Pakistan

Raymond; Citizen of USA


2 Responses for “Aafia and Raymond: Justice of the Mighty”

  1. fatima says:

    i don’t believe it. How come American public tolerate that kind of gross injustice while they are thought of as pretty literate and open minded people.

  2. Anjum Anwar says:

    Is this what we in the west call Democracy?

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