Western Fascism Targets Libya

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Mideast Uprisings: CIA Focus on Libya


THE Western imperialists in democracy suits are determined to grind Libya down, controlling its energy resources, and destabilize the entire region, pursuing their profit goals. It is not just a coincidence that the rebellion in Libya started in Benghazi, which is north of Libya’s richest oil fields as well as close to most of its oil and gas pipelines, refineries and its LNG port. Maybe there has been a plan to partition the country. USA and Europe seek plenty of non-stop Mideast oil at cheap prices. Foreign oil robbers are pushing hard the opposition and demonstration elements to end Qaddafi rule and replace it with pro-West regime. However, Libyan leader Mu’amar Al-Qadaffi seems to have a firm hold in the capital of Tripoli and mounting a campaign to regain control of Zawiyah, some 50 kilometers away, as of late Sunday, the Al-Jazeera television network reported.

Western fascist have ruined several Muslim nations on fabricated terror theories. Enormous terror success in NATO occupied Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq, where millions of Muslims have been slaughtered freely, has emboldened the NATO rogues and any member of this terrorist origination is ready attack any Muslim nation today without even nay pretext. The problem with the GST terror wars is that the incompetent, irresponsible UN is a mere puppet in the hands of powerful western world, assisted by anti-Islamic nations like India and Israel. This UN controlled by global rogues promotes UNSC interests like illegal arms deals and state terrorism. Hence Qaddafi had rightly called the UN the top most terrorist origination. I endorse him even this moment. This king of kings is also a man of great vision and the humanity should be proud of him. We need more of Qaddafi to oppose GST imperialism and colonialism today to safeguard humanity from more atrocities and torture. Germany, the cause of  second world war and death of millions of innocent global masses and now a strong applicant for  fascist UNSC-5  has emerged as a full-fledged participant in the great power drive for imperialist intervention in Libya. The German navy already sent three warships with 600 soldiers on board to the Libyan coast and two German military Transall planes flew from Crete to Libya, ostensibly to rescue EU citizens from the Al-Nafoura oil installation.—at a time when the unilateral US regime was still contemplating its response. As terror India, the new naughty member of notorious UNSC is playing its own “victim gimmicks” by transporting their agents from Libya. All these joint anti-Islamic gimmicks are being executed by these rogue states only to ask Qaddafi to run away.

The role of Saudi Arabia, the largest oil producer in the region and its Gulf allies in clearly CIA engineered uprisings in Mideast is deplorable, to say the least. Like its known approach in Afghanistan or Pakistan or even Iraq where the NATO keeps killing innocent local Muslims as “insurgents and terrorists”, Saudi Arabia has not asked the foreign powers not to interfere with internal affairs of Mideast, somehow exposing Riyadh’s concurrence over the CIA engineered uprisings in Mideast.

One, therefore, doubts if Saudi Arabia is also behind the uprising in Mideast because the upheaval momentum began when Saudi king Abdullah was in USA for almost 100 days, but the leaders of Saudi Arabia and UAE would obediently stand behind the Pentagon when Libya would be attacked at all, so long as their private interests are protected by these western terrocracies looking around for more resources. Saudi leaders always want a US-Israeli terror attack on Iran. But what exactly Riyadh would benefit by accepting and endorsing the CIA suggestion to begin the uprisings to make entire region become destabilized? After all, Western terrocracies have not got any pro-Islamic agenda in Mideast and Muslims are coerced to imbibe anti-Islamic values and virtues, including crimes, corruption and liquor culture, as the only sources for sustaining humanity.  Hopefully, my Saudi friend King Abdullah had gone to USA for treatment alone and not for hatching anti-Islamic conspiracies.

Like in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan, the USA is attempting to bring back the old kingdom type regimes. In Afghanistan, the Karzai regime is of corrupt and feudal lords. It is important to know that many of the people being promoted in the West as leaders of the opposition in Islamic and other nations are long-time agents of imperialism. In Pakistan, aristocracy is back to Islamabad to loot the nations and destabilize it through the occupying NATO terrorists. The media Feb. 22 showed footage of crowds in Benghazi pulling down the green flag of the republic and replacing it with the flag of the overthrown monarch King Idris – who had been a puppet of US and British imperialism. So, the West is reinventing colonial empire in Islamic world possibly with permission for the puppets to loot the nations.

It looks, right now the West and its anti-Islamic allies in the East do not let Saudi Arabia and its Sunni allies feel threatened or even nervous by the aggressive NATO led GST terror operations in Mideast and possibly they are assured extra that everything is being done only to promote Sunni rule in Islamic world. Are the Arabs so bad, incompetent fools?

We must pose a simple question to find convincing answer as to why there are no credible uprisings for regime change in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia or UAE or in non-Islamic world. The simplest answer is none of them is anti-US, anti-imperialist, anti-colonialist, but they promote American and select European interests in the respective countries and regions. More precisely, are the Pakistanis, for instance, so afraid of the puppet regime, its police military or the CIA network pressed into service through the embassy? This explains why the CIA networks have now focused on Iran and Libya after the fall of Mubarak’s Egyptian regime. Then, why the uprisings took place in Egypt, removing a pro-US regime under Mubarak?  Of late, it appears, Cairo has not been toeing the usual perfect US-Israeli line of thinking and started taking sincere  efforts in Palestine issue  and even warned Tel-Aviv’s fascist regime  against continued  aggression over Palestine an, killing defenseless people there, including children, old people and women. And, one must admit any criticism of Israel or its Mossad is construed by the US Pentagon as a direct attack on US sovereignty and CIA prowess.

Like Mubarak, Col. Qaddafi perhaps trusted the CIA to do the needful and did not therefore take the uprising seriously thinking that the “people” were just supporting the uprisings in Egypt. He even did not make any attempt to keep a united military either when the region as well as nation was facing a sort of crisis. The way a part of Libyan military, diplomatic personnel and opposition are engaged in anti-Qaddafi demonstrations underscores the extent to which the Libyan leader had been integrated into US imperialism’s aggressive drive to dominate the Middle East. After junking his regime’s anti-colonial and “socialist” rhetoric, Gaddafi welcomed the major US and European oil corporations into Libya as part of his IMF-approved economic reform plan. He also volunteered his security forces for the so-called war on terror.

It is global shame that UN talks about human rights violations in Libya, while it pretends total blind when worse situations exist in Palestine, Jammu Kashmir and elsewhere. Had the UN taken such bold view on Indian and Israeli fascist approach to neighborhoods, the millions of defenseless people would  not lost their lives. There was no talk of US intervention to help the Palestinian people of Gaza when thousands died from being blockaded, bombed and invaded by Israel. The U.S. intervened to prevent condemnation of the Zionist illegal settler state.

Both USA and EU have a joint anti-Islamic agenda in Islamic world. There appears to be a rift between USA and EU over Libya. The USA made a major political and financial investment in the cultivation of friendly relations with Gaddafi, regarding his sudden rapprochement with Washington and US foreign policy after 2003 as a major strategic gain. EU would like to keep Libya on their side for regular non-stop energy supply. However, these terrocracies as partners of imperialism and advanced capitalism are being driven by the very same appetites for profit and plunder. And they coordinate their anti-Islamic operations. But any direct foreign intervention will inflame popular hostility. Many of those engaged in the uprising in Benghazi have already declared their vehement opposition to the entry of US and European troops, but the CIA nuts are persuading the Libyans to support their agenda against Libya. Equally cynical are the claims of concern over the fate of the hundreds of thousands who have been fleeing Libya since fighting broke out February 17 in Benghazi.

USA has made the Swiss Bank, like World Bank and IMF, a part of its financial clout worldwide to control the world and promote imperialist capitalist profits. These economic bases are also used as a threat to weak nations if they do not surrender their sovereignty to Washington. Swiss bank is an internationally illegal financial institution promoting, imperialism, colonialism capitalism, NATO terrorism, black money and money laundering across the globe. And every top international and national fraud has got illicit accounts with this bank because it does not reveal the secrets to the regimes concerned.

Global capitalists are a very serious threat to peaceful existence of the common people and have skillfully engineered price rise and terrified the common people after terrorizing them with terror attacks.  The Libyan people are suffering from high prices and unemployment at par with global situation and price rise underlies the rebellions elsewhere and that flow from the worldwide capitalist economic crisis.

Col. Muammar Gaddafi enjoyed the warmest of relations with Washington and its European allies in recent years, and lost their support only once it became clear he was unable to quickly crush the revolt. Longstanding Libyan leader Gaddafi told American and British journalists that he has been “betrayed” by the withdrawal of support for his regime by the Obama regime and its European terror allies. Talking about democracy and other bulls, the hollow West is characterless and it has been proven time and again and also now in Libya. The Western media are basing a great deal of their reporting on fiction as supposed facts provided by foreign agencies like the exile group National Front for the Salvation of Libya, which was trained and financed by the US-CIA.

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