Letting the US Bleed?

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Chinese Actions and Chinese Regret


IN 2003 United States president George W. Bush violated international law and defied the United Nations by launching an invasion of Iraq that has killed over 1 million Iraqi civilians.

Despite the US committing the ultimately evil crime, as defined by Nuremberg law, of aggression, and despite previously bypassing the UN and declaring it irrelevant, in 2011, the UN Security Council granted the US and its allies “all necessary measures” to impose a no-fly zone over Iraq.

The US and other western nations claim to be protecting civilian lives, but they are killing civilians toward this claimed end. And why should a nation which has been slaughtering Iraqis and Afghans, a nation which supported the Israeli massacre of Gazans, a nation whose government reacted with insouciance to the plight of its own citizens in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina hold any credibility when it comes to caring for civilian lives?

UN Security Council permanent members China and Russia abstained from the resolution giving carte blanche to warrior nations vis-à-vis Libya.

Nonetheless, China expressed regret over the military attack on Libya.1

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu said China is against the use of force and that a nation’s territorial integrity should be respected.

If this is indeed the Chinese position, then why did China abstain from the UN Security Council vote? Its vote would have been a veto, preventing use of force and preserving Libya’s territorial integrity.

Likewise many people wonder why Russia abstained.

Bleeding Imperialism

China finds itself militarily encircled by the US.2 China considers its own territorial integrity disrespected by US military maneuvers in the Yellow Sea and US meddling with, what China considers a renegade province, Taiwan.

Many experts attributed excessive military spending and the boondoggle occupation of Afghanistan as precipitating the dissolution of the USSR. Now the US is spending massively on invading lands. It has over 700 overseas military bases.

Of course, China (and Russia, likewise encircled by US military bases) knew the US would lead an attack on Libya.

The US has gained some measure of control over Iraq; it has its man, Hamid Karzai, in control in Kabul; and the US-allied military kept control in Egypt. It looks like the despised throne in Bahrain, another US ally, might weather the popular risings against it with the assistance of Saudi Arabia, so why would the US Empire not think it could chew up more of the Arab world. This is the plan of US extremists.3

Are China and Russia letting US Empire bleed itself?

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