Muslims Dare Not Put the Bible on Trial

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“We’re not big debaters. We’re not very well-educated; we’re just simple people trying to do the right thing.” Said Luke Jones, the son of the Florida pastor who finally carried out his most ignorant plan and burned a copy of the holy scripture of Muslims (Qur’an)
Adding to what Luke had said, I tend to believe that he and his father, Pastor Terry Jones, along with the 30-person Christian congregation at Dove World Outreach Center are amongst the most clueless and deluded people on earth.
According to this Jones and on March 20th – or what he designated as  “International judge the Qur’an day” – he burned a copy of the Qur’an after he had thoroughly judged the book which he found dangerously guilty.

What a joke,

What a silly joke.

If we were told that every day there were some persons who thought of or actually contrived to kill their stepfathers, whom they had suspected of being accomplices to the murder of their deceased fathers, would that incriminate Shakespeare and his masterpiece play “Hamlet”?
Could we by any chance or logic for that matter, judge the book of Shakespeare and find it guilty of inciting violence and the killing of one’s next of kin.

Does that make any logic?

To develop a better Understanding of any Literature or Holy Scripture you should rely on your heart not your mind.

Logic and religion are irreconcilable.

Did you know that the Bible contained more violence and fairy tales than all Harry Potter’s parts put together? But is that enough reason for Muslims to ridicule or demonize the Bible or put it on trial for that matter.
Every time I read Hamlet, I can’t help myself sympathizing with the deeply tormented and mourning prince who cherished so dearly the memory of his late father he was sincerely willing to give up his own life to see his lord’s betrayal avenged.

Foolishness breeds more foolishness…
And extremism will definitely breed more extremism.

Qur’an is the most sacred book on planet earth for Muslims; for the sake of its reverence they are willing to give their lives just as little and dispensable Hamlet thought of his life when the memory of his king had been desecrated.

You don’t disgrace other people’s most dignified text and expect them to react in a dignified way. Hamlet himself couldn’t do it, he couldn’t restrain himself. Once he knew of the disgrace and the calamities that befell his Lord he went insane. That’s how Shakespeare went about it and I believe no one could have managed better.

The world doesn’t need more madness right now.
We have got all the madness we need for the moment.

Muslims will dare not burn the Bible back in return. But they’d rather die than witness the sanctity of their Qur’an violated.
Muslims dare not judge the Bible for it is equally sacred to them as the Qur’an is.

Jesus and mother Mary are equally revered as prophet Mohamed by all Muslims. Muslims dare not put the Bible on some despicable trial; this is beyond any Muslim’s weirdest imagination.

To be or not to be ..
This is how we should be judging ourselves?
To be tolerant,
To be civilized,
To be caring for others,… or not to be.

That is the question.

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  1. Rich says:

    You say Muslims responding with violence, taking the life of others, is justified because someone burned a copy of Islam’s sacred book and that is a good thing. I think that sort of reasoning only provides fire for anti-Muslim bigotry since it is the words in the book that are supposed to be important, not the book itself. How incredibly materialistic is it for some Muslims to think that killing people over the burning of an object, a book, is a good thing. Yes its not nice to burn a holy book of any religion but it is after all just a book and not the religion and freedom of expression allows such acts, just like no one gets arrested when they do something distasteful to or destroys Christian holy books or objects there most definitely is no reason to arrest this man for burning a book, even if it is considered a holy book by some. Yes it wasn’t a nice thing for him to do, but it hardly justifies violence in response. Never forget that the western world is a secular world, that’s what makes it possible to have equality for everyone unlike the situation in theocracies or semi-theocracies, and in a secular world freedom of expression is highly valued, even if its distasteful, yet merely doing something distasteful in no way justifies violence or the taking of anyone’s life contrary to what the author of this article thinks.

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