Don Valley West: Liberal Hypocrites Lost the Grip

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(This article was written on April 27, 2011 before May 2 Federal Election)

YES! I agree Stephen Harper has no sympathy for Muslims. The blood of Israelis is the costliest, and the blood of Muslims is the cheapest for him. He behaves more like Israel’s Prime Minister rather than Canada’s Prime Minister. Under his rule, Canada became the closest friend of Zionist and constitutionally racist state Israel, even closer than the USA. His office was an occupied territory of Canadian Zionists. His eyes can’t see the dead bodies of Palestinian children, elders, men, and women in Gaza. He is a one-eyed person devoted to see and serve the terrorist state of Israel. His government ministers humiliated several Canadian Muslim leaders, several times. His Immigration minister banned several Islamic scholars to enter Canada. He is more interested in inviting immigrants on work permits than granting immigration status to family members, mainly parents and grandparents. Harper regime was always eager and ready to join USA and NATO to invade and bomb the countries endangering the life of Canadian soldiers and local civilians and all in the name of “humanitarian service.”  Despite Supreme Court orders, Harper regime refused to bring Canadian Omar Khadr who, as a child, was detained in Afghanistan and brought to Guantanamo Bay, a detention centre of  the US military. The charge sheet against Harper is long, and I agree with every point against him. I watched Al-Jazeera reporting on Harper regime’s Israel connection and agree on every word that has been quoted.

Now let us see the role of Liberals on the same issues on which we are criticizing Harper Tories. Did we forget all those atrocities towards Canadian Muslims, just after 9/11, that was perpetrated by Paul Martin’s Liberals?  Do we have too short of a memory?  Did we  forget how many Canadian Muslims detained without any charge? Did we not remembered how close his regime was with Israel? Did we forgot that Martin’s liberal regime brought Canada into helping the US aggression into Afghanistan which resulted in an undetermined number of deaths of Afghan civilians (an estimated 30,000 to 100,000) and hundreds of deaths and injuries of Canadian soldiers. Did we  forgot that it was Martin’s  Liberals era when Omar Khadr, a Canadian child detainee case came into lime light? All the western countries asked US and brought back all their citizen detainees from Guantanamo Bay to start judiciary process in their own countries, but Canada refused to do the same. And do you know the opinion of current Liberal leader Igniteff in all those issues, which shows our concern?  Ignatieff repeatedly and one-sidedly defended Israel’s aggression and bombing on Gaza citizens.  Check CPJME (Canadian for Peace & Justice Report on Middle East).

Liberal party brought forth a vote of non-confidence on March 25, 2011, which passed 156 to 145, marking the first time a Canadian government fell on contempt of Parliament charge. But the Liberal Party never showed such urgency and always coordinated with Harper on all the issues of serious concern. Harper prorogued the Parliament twice. Liberals did nothing. Questions surrounding the Afghan detainee affair came in 2009, when allegations arose that Canadian soldiers were handing over prisoners in Afghanistan who were later tortured. The House of Commons demanded that the government turn over all documents relating to prisoner transfer in Afghanistan in their unredacted form. The conservative government refused. The Liberal opposition did nothing (which equaled cooperation). Supreme Court ordered the government to bring Omar Khadr back to Canada.  Conservatives showed contempt; Liberals cooperated.

Is it not a surprise for me that there is no difference between conservatives and liberals on Muslims issues. The surprising thing to note is that the Liberals are doing the same thing despite significant Muslims’ presence in the liberal party. You will hardly find few Muslims in conservative party. Muslims; donation to liberals is significant; however, you will not see any major Muslim donations to conservatives. Muslim political workers spent their sweat, blood and money to please the liberal goddess. Various Muslim leaders, imams and presidents of the Masajid are the gate keepers of the Liberal Party in the community. Many of them are now advocating to vote “strategically” for Liberals against conservatives, despite their own previous stance to support better individual candidate irrespective of party platforms and despite the fact that Liberals are going down to position three (Pollsters report).

Muslim political workers and activists living in Don Valley West are the first-hand and long-time victims of Liberal hypocrisy. Muslim political activists of Don Valley West now argue, “It is easier to deal with your ‘open enemy’ than your hypocrite enemy.” The story of conflict starts from the last provincial election. Muslim activists, under the “leadership” of Abdul Haq Ingar (currently a Liberal employee at Queens Park), supported unanimously Kathleen Wynne against John Tory. Despite the Tory’s several favourable agenda, including government funding to private religious schools, that could benefit those Muslim families who are experiencing behavioral problems from their public school-going children, Muslims unanimously voted Ms. Wynne. Canadian Islamic Congress announced to support John Tory at that time, but their appeal was completely ignored. There was no issue of “lifestyle” of Ms. Wynne, and it was never discussed. She has no complaint of “homophobic” from anyone at that time. Life was smooth for Liberals, and the Muslim neighborhood of Don Valley West was completely occupied by them. They were unchallenged, and the throne of the Liberal empire was well established. After capturing and strengthening her throne, Ms Kathleen Wynne, the “Queen” of Don Valley West, started showing her disliking of “browns” (in Don Valley West, it is often used to refer to Muslims).  “She started racist slur, ‘I don’t like to see too many browns in my riding’” (meaning Liberal riding posts), said an ex liberal party member and insider.

Abdul Ingar feels at home with his political family

Abdul Haq Ingar was preparing to contest mid term 2008 federal election from the Liberal platform. He was asking his friends in Masjid to become Liberal party member by paying $10 and to vote for him for the Liberal party nomination election of Don Valley West. After making a couple hundred members, at last, he asked those members to vote Rob Oliphant, imported from outside the riding, the favorite of Ms. Wynne, having same lifestyle, the first openly gay, same-sex married politician and United Church minister Rob Oliphant. What was the real deal for Mr. Ingar?  The explanation lies on the shoulder of Mr. Ingar. He should tell the community now. Another Muslim Muhammad Ijaz entered into Liberal nomination race. However, Ingar and his Masjid volunteers team was committed to Mr. Oliphant and bringing Muslim members from Thorncliffe and Flemingdon Park neighbourhood to vote for Oliphant. Many of them were men having long beards and women wearing Niqab (veils) coming into flocks to vote for Rob Oliphant.

John Carmichael with his family

Having a previous Liberal elected MP riding for the last several terms, Rob Oliphant had the advantage over Conservative John Carmichael in October 14, 2008 election.  Moreover, the dissident votes of Liberal went to NDP candidate, David Sparrow. That didn’t benefit conservative John Carmichael. Oliphant was declared elected MP of Don Valley West.

Oliphant family: Marco Fiola (Left) and Rob Oliphant, the hubbies of each other

Gradually, several serious issues distanced the local communities from Liberals.  One such issue was the imposition of one’s lifestyle over others and showing disrespect to families and their values. When Kathleen Wynne became the member of the Ontario Provincial Parliament and education minister by defeating John Tory who was the advocate of public funding of religious schools, she tried her best to change the current character of public school on the path of perversion. She prepared a new curriculum for health and physical education, before leaving the ministry to join Ministry of Transport. The new curriculum proposed sex education from grade three, and homosexuality and trans-sexuality (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, two-spirit, intersex, queer) was to be a part of curriculum. Young kids would be taught that you could have two moms and two dads and all kinds of possible sexual perversion and relationship and there is nothing wrong in it; it is normal. Moreover, parents have no right to oppose it. This is a “human right” and “social justice” issue. Do parents of children want the same? Were the parents living in this democratic part of world ever consulted? Ms Wynne says yes.  In session of 2008-2009, I was a school council member, and, in 2009-2010, I was the chair of the School Council of Thorncliffe Park Public School, the largest primary school in Canada. I don’t know that any parent was ever consulted. Even party-member parents close to her denied any such consultation. I don’t know what Ms Wynne means by the term “consultation.” Perhaps she consulted some people other than parents, and perhaps she consulted even some “Muslims” like Mr. Ingar, who is subservient to Liberals and has no children currently in primary or middle school. I know parents of all faiths –Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, and no one wants to raise his/her children to be homosexuals or perverts. I know several Jewish families who even abstain from watching TV, and they have nothing to do except praying and reading.  The children of faith-based communities look very similar. Even atheist parents want to see their growing children natural and straight. Ms. Wynne doesn’t live in our world. She aggressively wants to impose on us what she practices.

They say, “They have Charter of Rights.” We ask, “Do we have a right not to vote for you?  They say, “We don’t want to see too many browns in our riding,” and still they are not considered racist. We say, “We don’t want too many gays in all representative positions of our riding,” and they respond that we are “homophobic.”  Do we have any “Charter of Responsibilities” with “Charter of Rights”?

Fortunately, the practicing and culturally sensitive Catholics have a board of Catholic schools with government funding, Jews have their own private schools with their own curriculum and with their own code of ethics. The people of other religious groups, significantly Muslims, have no choice.  A majority of Muslims are living in poverty and having several children; they can’t pay enormous fees for private Islamic schools. Practically, they are forced to send their children to public schools in all conditions. If they speak against Ms. Wynne’s proposed curriculum, they will be accused of violating “human rights” and “social justice.” This is the repressive and authoritarian tendency of Liberal extremists and perverts. They will respect us only when we leave our religion and come out of  our faith or sell our faith. Mr. Tariq Fatah and Mr. Abdul Ingar are most respectable “Muslims” for Liberals. Reason:  they are too mean to serve for cheap.

Last year when practicing Christians were celebrating Good Friday nationwide, the top gay politicians of Toronto, under the leadership of Smitherman, were visiting Masjid Darussalam at the annual inaugural day of “path to piety” program.” They were invited by Abdul Ingar, on behalf of Masjid Darussalam. Mr. Ingar announced and requested that everyone meet these “most honorable” people of Toronto. Mr. Smitherman was the mayoral candidate in the October 2010 Toronto City Election.   Do “non-gay” politicians have the same right to do so?  Ask Mr. Ingar (privately when he was not holding the microphone at the Mimbar of Masjid). And also ask Mr. Rob Ford, new elected mayor of Toronto City to try to visit here and break the ice.

The time has changed now. Despite the Liberal religious leaders appeal for Smitherman, Muslims of our neighbourhood voted for Rob Ford. And despite the full effort of liberal riding, MP, MPP, and mayoral candidate Smitherman’s campaign office, liberal’s darling Muhammad Dhanani lost the last city councillor election. Surprisingly Rob Oliphant, the Liberal candidate of the Federal Election 2011, was unable to read the writing on the wall. He is still considering it a soft Liberal riding. He is so confidently arrogant that he started threatening his opponent voters. “Never come to my office,” Oliphant responded to a voter at the door of apartment of 47 Thorncliffe Park Drive, when the voter informed him that he already voted for another candidate, Oliphant’s opponent.  He threatened another Muslim volunteer of a rival candidate by saying, “I never forget the people.”  So what?

(On May 2 election, Conservative John Carmichael defeated Liberal Rob Oliphant by the margin of 639 votes-addition)


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