Between Pride and Shame: Mr. Rob Ford Did Right Thing

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MR. Rob Ford’s viewpoint on homosexuality and gay agenda was not hidden. He never showed complexity in the issue. He will be considered an open and vocal opponent of gayism. Last October city election, when his opponent mayoral candidate George Smitherman was kicking off his campaign by kissing his male partner, Mr. Ford was bluntly expressing his dislike of these lifestyles. We all know that the gay community with their gay agenda was united behind Smitherman and overwhelmingly voted for and supported him. However, those who believe homosexuality is a curse on the society and an engineered lifestyle to destroy the family, human beings and a path of extinction of human race, supported and voted for Rob Ford openly and wholeheartedly. I have attended a Ford election campaign gathering in the Cypriot Community Center in our neighbourhood Thorncliffe Park, organized by the taxi-cab drivers of the city. One of the cab drivers’ leader was speaking in Punjabi and asking the audience, “Would you like to vote a gay or man?” Everyone was clapping. Mayor Ford was smiling when someone translated it into English.

Abdul Haq Ingar, a Muslim community activist and vice president and Director Communication of Islamic Society of Toronto (Masjid Dar us Salam), Thorncliffe Park, and the Liberal party employee at Queens Park openly supported Mr. Smitherman. However, despite his door to door canvassing and appeal to vote for Smitherman, the community rejected Smitherman. Mr. Rob Ford won from all Muslim-populated, high-rise buildings of Thorncliffe Park, Don Valley West.

This year Mr. Rob Ford hasn’t participated in the gay parade and festivals in Toronto despite the history of participants of past mayors despite their liking or disliking of gays. Ford’s absence created bitterness in the LGBT community and their supported media and groups. Not attending and participating in gay festivities are considered as a “shame” for “pride” banner holders. However, fifteen city councilors of Toronto City marched in the parade, including three Ford allies, Michael Thompson, Cesar Palacio, and Gary Crawford. Parade participants were shouting, “Where is the Mayor?” and “Shame.” Dozens of marchers and watchers brought an unflattering photo of his disembodied head, as Toronto Star reported.

Pressure on Ford had been building since he said during a media scrum last week that he planned to be at his family cottage near Husntsville on the Canada Day weekend. However, Ford and his office had not explained why he wasn’t able to attend during the 10-day pride festival. Deputy Mayor Dough Holyday has said Ford should attend at least one event to counter accusation of homophobia. Ford didn’t responded to all those requests and queries. But as a matter of fact, his message was loud, clear and obvious when he first announced the excuse “because of family gathering at his cottage.”

Family gathering was symbolic, and the message was that “you value no-family lifestyle, and we value family gathering.”

Mr. Rob Ford did the right thing. He preserved his vote bank and confidence level of pro-family large constituency of Toronto. Less than one percent of population openly supports or belongs to LGBT community. Mr. Ford should listen to more than 99% of the population of Toronto, which wants to live a normal family life and also lead, guide, and educate the next generation to retain and preserve this lifestyle.

The family came to existence after a marriage and relation with a man and woman. Women gave birth to children, and men struggled for livelihood and sustenance of next generation. They fulfill the responsibility as nature assigned to them. They returned back to this world the most precious thing, the human race. They help God in producing and nurturing the beautiful people of all colours and races. Homosexuals denied this responsibility. They denied their own existence. They never thought that they were not dropped off directly from the sky; instead, they were born from the union of their father and mother and a long pain and struggle of their parents. By denying their responsibilities to do the same, homosexuals disrespect their parents, their forefathers, and Adam and Eve.

Homosexuals refuse to fulfill the responsibility to contribute to this world the children and future generation of human race. In other words, they kill the babies before birth. However, after denying this core and most difficult responsibility, the gay community stood firm and united to get all the rights for themselves. In last one decade, we Canadians proved that all the rights belong to gays, and all the responsibilities belong to families who are nurturing and caring for children.

LGBT community has rights to rule, to govern, to make laws, to develop education curriculum, and to decide what is right and what is wrong for the families and whole society. A less than one percent but very organized minority is dictating their terms of values, cultures, education, and lifestyles on all others. They have obtained a right and responsibility to rule over families. Families are speechless. They are silently and inactively watching the gays’ power dominance on the society. The defeat of Smitherman was good sign and first right step for those speechless people.

One of the Zionist bloggers posted one of my articles and suggested that gay parade organizers not support Palestinians in their parade as it appears obvious that Muslims are against gays. I say to this blogger that we Muslims are not nationalists. If we were nationalists, we should promote gay culture in other nations, particularly in white nation/race, and we should be glad to see white race is extinguishing fast by going against family and by adopting family-killing cultures. Contrary to nationalist thoughts, we Muslims, who stood firm on the principal of Qur’an, on the principal of Tauheed (unity of God, unity of universe, and unity of human beings), believe that we are all children of Adam and Eve. And we strongly believe that this world is a beautiful garden of God, and white flowers are equally important to retain this beauty as brown, yellow, or black flowers.

Furthermore, gay parade organizers and participants don’t support Palestinians for their love of Palestine, Islam, Qur’an, and Allah. They love because a few citizens of Palestine belong to their community. This gay love for Palestinian gays is not hidden. Queers against Israeli apartheid dropped a banner above the Wellesley subway station saying, “Support Palestinian Queers; Boycott Israeli Tourism,” Toronto Star reported.

However, it is true that most of the opposition coming against gay parade is not because of their lifestyle, but because of their showing of solidarity with Palestinians and is purely political.

“We shouldn’t be funding any political message at all,” said Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti, the chair of the community development committee. Earlier he demanded a written guarantee from gay festival organizers that the controversial Queers Against Israeli Apartheid would be banned from participating in pride events. QAIA voluntarily agreed to stay away, and, in May, the council approved funding on the condition that organizers ensure all participants adhere to the city’s “anti-discrimination policy.” It means that just saying that Israel, the most apartheid state that ever existed on this planet, an “apartheid state” in this so-called free-speech country, is a crime and such criminals must be denied any funding. Some Dyke March participants were carrying anti-Israeli apartheid signature, and it was noticed that about 30 pro-Palestine activists were expressing pro-Palestine by displaying banners and placards. To punish the gay parade organizers for not stopping anti-Israel display, the city may not fund the pride with the $130,000 dollars in grant the city promised. A quarter of the festival’s budget comes from the city government.

Few parade participants are also displaying message to raise awareness about the lack of LGBT rights in Iran and Latin America. But this was not the concern for Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti. Displaying any message against Iran and Latin America is a “freedom of speech” and displaying against apartheid Israel is a “political” and “hate crime.”

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