Generation Killers

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AFTER his great grandfather had an intimate relationship with the woman who would become the grandson’s great grandmother, the grandfather was born. After the grandfather had an intimate relationship with the woman who would become the grandson’s grandmother, the father was born. The father had an intimate relationship with the would-be mother, and soon the son was born. Now, the son has a relationship with a man, not with a woman. As a homosexual, he rejects the opposite sex and will not have any biological son or daughter. He has discontinued his heritage. His babies will die before being conceived. They will never open their eyes in this world due to this “new, alternative lifestyle.” He has denied the universe the continuation of his generations to which his grandfather and great grandfather contributed. He betrayed this nature and broke the trust. He killed his future generation. He is a generation killer.

Now generation killers say we have the “right” to kill generations. Generation killers united all over Canada and most of the western world has procured “the right” to kill their generations; the “Charter of Rights” is in place. Several countries and states and provinces of the western world legalized the same-sex marriage. Family system (the union of man and woman, husband and wife) has collapsed. Now, sweet homes of this nation are filled with either two male partners, two female partners, or a parent without a partner (or single parent).

Furthermore, human rights situations all over the world will be judged in accordance with the society similar to us. The “human rights” situations in several Muslim, Latin American, and African countries are considered “worst” because they are not giving the “rights” to gays (the generation killers) to practice their lifestyle openly and publicly.

However, it is not the issue of “rights,” it is the issue of “responsibilities.” The responsibilities include trying to return back the same as the nature that produced you. It is a “natural charter of responsibilities” for all to follow. Gays deny it.

About one million participated in the shame-day, gay parade this year in Toronto City. Mayor Rob Ford didn’t participate, a good indicator. Some say that at least half the participants were merely supporters.  Even if we consider that only half a million people practice the homosexual and lesbian lifestyle, it is too many. We have already crossed the danger level.

Christian and Jewish Books of Scripture orders the death sentence to “generation killers.” “If a man lies with a male as he lies with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination. They shall surely be put to death. Their blood shall be upon them” (Leviticus 20:13).

However, many Christians abandoned their faith and surrendered to this perverted but organized group. Jews (majority) maintain their straight life style; however, a group of Jews aggressively promotes and defends this life style for “Gentiles” (non Jews). You will see most of the Zionists bloggers defending and promoting the homosexual lifestyle.

Saying anything against homosexuality is “homophobic.” If you are a Muslim, then it is the “worst sin.” However, the first person to have stood against this lifestyle was Lot [Lut, the Messenger of God (peace be upon him)). He was the nephew of Abraham [the Messenger of God (peace be upon him)). Abraham (pbuh) sent Lot (pbuh) from Egypt to the city of Sodom (Sadum), which was on the western shore of the Dead Sea. Majority of Sodom nation was either practicing homosexual lifestyle or supporting it. This lifestyle was never practiced in the history before Lot (pbuh).

“And remember when We sent Lot [as a Messenger to his people, and he said to them: ‘Do you realize you practice an indecency of which no other people in the world were guilty of before you? You approach men lustfully in place of women. You are a people who exceed all bounds. Their only answer was: ‘Banish them from your town. They are a people who pretend to be pure’” (Al-Quran 7: 80-82).

The “new immigrant” Lot (pbuh), an “Egyptian Sodomian” but the Messenger of God, warned his newly adopted nation Sodom repeatedly. “These [the girls of the nation) are my daughters [to marry lawfully), if you must act (so)” (Al-Quran: 15: 71). The people of the nation denied it. They “democratically” adopted their “right” to fulfill their lust with the same-sex. They were the worshipper of “the lust.” Ultimately they were completely ruined and erased out from this world.

“Then We delivered Lot and his household except his wife who stayed behind, and We let loose a shower [of stones] upon them. Observe, then, the end of the evil-doers” (Al-Quran 7: 83-84).

“We let loose upon them a tempest which rained stones upon them, except upon Lot’s household whom We rescued in the last hours of the night” (Al-Quran 54:34).

Now we are living in post “charters of rights” era when united generation killers are asserting and imposing their life style over whole nations. They are asserting themselves as they (and only they) have the “right” to be elected and represented in city, provincial and federal assemblies. And they have “right” to make law not according to the wish of people, family, and parents, but according to the agenda set by gay activists’ groups.

Wake up, Toronto, Wake up, Canada, before it is too late. I, a new Canadian, am just a Warner as Lot (pbuh) was. As Muslims, we believe and have faith in all the Messengers of God –Adam (first), Enoch (Idris), Noah (Nuh), Abraham (Ibrahim), Ishmael (Isma’il), Issac (Ishaaq), Jacob (Yaqub), Lot (Lut), Joseph (Yusuf), Job (Ayub), Moses (Musa), Aaron (Haroon), David (Dawud), Soloman (Sulaiman), Zechariah (Zakariyah), John (Yahya), Jesus (Isa), Muhammad (the last Messenger), and many others.  Peace be upon all of them.

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  1. Jay says:

    Wake up? Let them sleep! They slept through racism to minorities, they slept through the bank and media takeover of the last 100 yrs. They slept through the systematic invasions and distabalizations of south America and now “middle earth”. They slept through the decline of our education and public services and the incline of this slow police takeover. They sleep through inflation and staged economic collapses joined with economic takeovers. Let them finish their slumber. And let all the people with any sense in there heads multiply their offspring and teach the children of the mistakes of those who slept. And when the people finally awake from their slumber they will be surrounded and over run by the alert ones who did not kill themselves ending generations because, sleeping ones putting anything up our rear ends!

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