Israeli Lobbies Dragging US into Wars, Says James Morris

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If the American public doesn’t find out about it from the pro-Israel biased media, they don’t have a chance. And that’s the issue we have here in America. It’s very, very concerning, and it’s very dangerous.

A prominent political analyst says that all Republican presidential candidates — with one exception — are working with Israeli lobbies to expand the wars in the Middle East.
PRESS TV has conducted an exclusive interview with James Morris, editor of, to further dissect the issues.

The following is a transcript of the interview.

Press TV: Let’s look at Ron Paul’s comments about the situation in dealing with Israel and possibly attacking Iran. What makes Ron Paul able to speak in the way that he does? Because we know, in general, with anyone running for president in the United States, if they do not come a straight beeline in support of Tel Aviv policies, basically, they’re finished. What makes the situation a little bit different for Ron Paul? And, thanks so much for being with us.

Morris: Thank you very much for having me on Press TV, again. I should put a disclaimer out there that I’m an ardent Ron Paul supporter. I voted for him as a candidate in the last election, and I will do so again even if I have to do so as a write in.

You know, I didn’t completely agree with everything Ron Paul said with regard to allowing Israel to attack Iran. But I did agree with most of what he said especially with what you mentioned here in the newscast. He can say what he just did because he’s not owned by AIPAC, the pro-Israel lobby – the American Israel Public Affairs Committee – and the neo-conservatives.

There’s been a long running rift in the Republican Party, the neo-conservatives such as American Enterprise Institute which sponsored that debate tonight. And, mind you, it was hosted by the former AIPAC news letter editor, Wolf Blitzer, who use to be a correspondent for the hawkish Jerusalem Post whose issue really set the context for that too. And he’s been pushing for war with Iran as well.

For former Republicans like myself, I’m a registered independent now, I did that last year, we’re sick and tired of the neocons hijacking, and the Republican Party and these perpetual wars for Israel.

And Ron Paul’s voice is actually out there reflecting my voice and millions of other Americans who are just tired of it. And he can get away with saying that because he’s got nothing to lose. He knows America is on the brink. If we do another war for Israel with Iran, we’ll go broke; and not only that but it could result in a wider war in the region which could result in the next World War if China and Russia get involved.

I also think it was very interesting how Ron Paul touched on the Patriot Act, as well, in his opening comments that you had. Ed Meese, who was an Attorney General, he was basically [endorsing the Patriot Act].

If you look at why we have the Patriot Act come into play and all our civil liberties being eroded as a result after 9/11, we got hit on 9/11 because of support for Israel. And after that the Patriot Act was put in.

And none of these neo-conned Republican candidates including Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich – who is a favorite of the AEI neocons, the American Enterprise Institute, again, who they sponsored this debate – one thing they want to touch on is why we have a terrorist problem, and they all claim that Israel is an ally of America.

Well, I suggest they do some historical research and look at when Israel murdered 34 American sailors and marines on the USS Liberty and wounded 174. They all conveniently looked past that.

And they all also said they like to listen to the generals and take advice from the generals. Why don’t they listen to what General Petraeus had said when he conveyed to Congress last year that US support for Israel is a threat to US troops in theater? He conveyed that to Congress, and the pro-Israel biased media barely touched on that.

I had email exchanges with General Petraeus to show how much influence another neo-conservative, Max Boot, had on him but yet that was overlooked by the pro-Israel, neocon biased American media. And I think we saw an example of that tonight.

We have AEI, the basin of neo-conservativism with Paul Wolfowitz and the Jewish neocon Fredrick Kagin who came up with the “Iraq Surge”, all for Israel, of course. They went into Iraq for Israel with a neocon claim break agenda. And it just shows you how much of a grip the neocons still have in the Republican Party, and why many real conservatives likes myself actually left the party and became independents. And we’re ardent supporters of Ron Paul, as I just said.

Press TV: You just talked about the neocons and the effect that they have on the Republican Party, but let’s look overall on the American populace as more and more of these Occupy movements take hold in the United States. Do you think there’s becoming a greater awareness by the average American in dealing with Israel and how the American-Israeli policies have actually harmed the United States?

Morris: Well, the problem is, as I mentioned last time I was on Press TV, most Americans don’t know. They don’t know about the 9/11 connection to support for Israel being the primary motivation as former CIA Ben Rodenyuden and Michael Sheuer had said on CSPAN’s Washington Journal program. That was said to all of America.

He responded to a telephone call that I had, you can go to it be visiting []. And he had said that Israel is a threat to American troops in theater, the same thing that General Petraeus had said which the pro-Israel biased American media hadn’t touched on.

None of these neo-conned Republican candidates during the debate touch on it. All they wanted to do, like Mitt Romney, is fall over each other for how much they support Israel so they can get the Jewish vote in America, get Jewish campaign donations to get the support of the neoconservatives, the upper echelon of that pro-Israel lobby and, of course, AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, that John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt write about in their excellent book The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy.

Just to touch on this too, they were all advocating an attack on Iran which is very concerning. And that’s for Israel, as well. I mean, they brought up Hezbollah, Hamas and Syria – these are all Israeli problems, not American problems. But because of the effectiveness of the pro-Israel lobby, AIPAC, and the neo-conservatives which is the upper echelon of it, we’re talking about wars now not only with Syria but Iran. And it’s all for Israel. It’s about time it comes to a stop.

But like you said, back to your question about Occupy Wall Street, if the American public doesn’t find out about it from the pro-Israel biased media, they don’t have a chance. And that’s the issue we have here in America. It’s very, very concerning, and it’s very dangerous.


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