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Egypt: Runoff Election First Day Scenario

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TODAY, Monday 5/Dec/2011, runoff voting for the first phase of the People’s Assembly elections 2011 started. Engaged in this round are 47 candidates from the Freedom and Justice party (FJP).

The following is a report on the latest developments on the first day of the runoff:

First, The Electoral Process:

On this first day of the runoff, and up to this moment, the electoral process has not seen the same levels of record turnout witnessed in the first round, which is understandable; but we trust that the Egyptian street will positively participate in the run-off to confirm the people’s ability to shape their own future through the first step to towards democracy, the election.

Second, Polling Stations:

Opening of 25 Red Sea Governorate polling stations was postponed to nine o’clock for the absence of representatives of those competing with FJP candidates.

Third, The Security Situation:

Our representatives have reported a large number of thugs loitering in front of the Coptic School and the Hurreyah Experimental School in Azbakeya, in Qasr Al-Neil constituency.

Fourth, Media Performance:

Certain media miscreants owned by a number of businessmen are still playing a treacherous role to thwart the electoral process and mislead voters and public opinion through the dissemination of false information about stopping elections in the Coast constituency in Shubra (Cairo) and Muharram Beck constituency in (Alexandria), although the High Judicial Elections Commission (HJEC) confirmed that the news were false and that the election continues on schedule in all constituencies where runoff voting is required. The HJEC noted that the Administrative Court decisions are not binding on them, after the results, and that the Court of Cassation is the authority entrusted with reviewing HJEC after the announcement of the results. The HJEC also confirmed that, in any case, it never received any decisions from the Administrative Court to stop any elections.

We urge the media to exercise their important role with transparency and objectivity, and not to circulate hoaxes to cheat the Egyptian people for the petty personal interests and goals of a few businessmen or so-called politicians with views and ideologies different from those of the FJP.

Fifth, Representatives:

An armed forces officer refused all representatives entry to polling stations at the headquarters of the Directorate of Health Affairs in Ataba Square, in the sixth constituency (Qasr Al-Neil), claiming that the armed forces have not approved the authorisations, which is contrary to the decisions of the HJEC and a breach of the Political Rights Law.

On this first day of the run-off for the first stage of the Egyptian People's Assembly elections 2011/2012, and until this moment, many abuses and provocations were committed by some of those competing with FJP candidates. Those abuses and provocations mostly violate the rules of fair competition we must commit to during the current phase.

The following is a summary of the main abuses and outrages witnessed during the first day of runoff, up to this moment:
1 - A number of candidates hired unknown bandits to pose as if campaigning, outside polling stations, in the name of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), filming them ‘red-handed’ with party propaganda that had been collected from the streets, methods often used by the defunct former regime.

2 – Certain anonymous persons distributed ‘Communiques’ in the name of a number of our candidates, including several ‘messages’ to the effect that we are coordinating with other candidates, or that we declared our support for candidates running for the seats that we do not have candidates for. All such ‘communiques’ have nothing to do with the FJP or its candidates. If we do coordinate with any parties or persons, we will announce that officially.


3 – In Alexandria, certain parties are spreading rumours that we have withdrawn our support for Counsellor Mahmoud al-Khodeiri. That is totally untrue. The FJP gives its full support to Counsellor Mahmoud al-Khodeiri for his proven honourable patriotic track-record.
4 - With regard to the electoral process, we have observed the following:

In polling stations number 73 to 78, in the sixth constituency (in Qasr Al-Neil police station) an army police officer refused all FJP representatives entry to said polling stations, claiming that their authorisations were not stamped by the armed forces, which is a contravention of the Political Rights Law and the HJEC instructions.

In polling stations 267 and 268, based at Mahrouqi School in Bulaq Abul-Ela - sixth constituency (Qasr Al-Neil), the Counsellor/Chairman in charge insisted on personally unveiling the faces of fully-veiled female electorates himself, to confirm their identity, although a female employee was there for just that purpose. This angered female voters who gathered in front of the polling stations, for his insistence, despite attempts by some heads of neighbouring polling stations to dissuade him, to no avail.

In polling stations 376 and 377 at the School of Carpenters, Fariskur, Damietta, representatives of the FJP candidate was expelled. Voting continued openly with no cover or kiosk, after the expulsion of the party representatives.

In polling stations 63 and 164 in the seventh constituency, in Manshiet Nasser, at Sultan Barkooq School, the lady in charge expelled all representative, without justification. They tried to convince her that this was in contravention of the law; but she insisted on her position.


The first day of the run-off for the first stage of the Egyptian People's Assembly elections 2011/2012 has ended, with turnout ranging from 20 to 25%, and a noticeable increase during the last hours of the election day.
The position of the FJP on the most important events on the first day of run-off voting:
1 – The party yet again extends its gratitude to the Egyptian people for their fortitude and positive outlook, which make us confident that this enlightened public will participate on the second day of the run-off, strongly and effectively, not just to vote for a candidate in preference to another, but to confirm the people’s determination to contribute in making their own future.
2 – The FJP emphasizes its full respect for the provisions and decisions of the Egyptian judiciary, especially the decision it made to suspend run-off voting in Cairo's 1st District for party lists and individuals. The FJP calls upon the High Judicial Elections Commission (HJEC) to act to avoid the mistakes for which it issued this ruling, and to ensure the safety procedures for the electoral process and democratic transition in Egypt.
3 – The FJP yet again renounces the practices of some parties and candidates who get involved in negative propaganda against the FJP, by either hiring unknown bandits who pose as if in election campaigns, in our name, outside the polling stations or distributing ‘communiques’ in the name of a number of our candidates including ‘statements’ to the effect that we support certain candidates or that we are coordinating with certain others. All such contraventions and misleading ‘communiques’ have nothing to do with the FJP or its candidates.
4 – The FJP calls upon the HJEC to provide the appropriate atmosphere for the sorting of votes, so as to avoid a repeat of the crises that occurred during the first round of elections.

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