Introducing the Book: “Calling Humanity”

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PERHAPS it would surprise the humanity at large to learn that the most misunderstood thing in today’s world is nothing but “Islam” – the System of life that God sent to mankind through His appointed Messengers as how to live, act and behave on this earth in order to enjoy justice, peace and security all around within the human abode.

The Reason:

1. Islam is not what is presented by the Muslims around the world. It has taken the format of a “religion”, constituting a very small segment of the whole of Islam and that too is practiced in a much obscured form, creating and giving an extremely distorted impression of Islam to the contemporary human society at different levels;

2. Muslims couldn’t produce its Truthful and immaculate Model so far in the context of modern world anywhere in their respective societies where they hold majority. However, amazingly, though there are fifty seven Muslim countries but Islam is nowhere visible as a political entity.

3. The secular West has been and is opposing tooth and nail the emergence of Islam  any where in the Muslim world as a political entity due to its centuries old accumulated “historical prejudices”, self-conceived reservations, “self-innovated” misinterpretations or distortion of facts, culminating into hate campaign against Islam and Muslims.

The Result:

1. The human society couldn’t solve any of its centuries old problems by denying obedience to the Creator and Sustainer and neglecting the System that He sent to us to solve our problems without any prejudice, delivering justice to all and malice to none;

2. The cradle of man is fast moving, God forbid, towards a catastrophic end or total destruction;

3. Man has become irresponsible, reckless, selfish, greedy, and lusty and is busy day in and day out in maximizing only his personal gains, fame and pleasure, feeling accountable to none.  In consequence, man has filled the human abode only with Zulm [Oppression], Fasa’d [transgression] and injustices all around. No man-made system could solve the prevailing inequalities between the rich and the poor, the haves and the have-nots, the oppressed and the deprived.

The Remedy:

Keeping the aforesaid scenario in view, I have written the captioned book: “Calling Humanity” and made my humble efforts to present ISLAM in its correct and truthful perspective as the CURE for all our prevailing ills. It is different from what we see around us both in the East and the West, in the Muslim world and the non-Muslim societies.

This is the only HOPE for mankind. Your leadership role will make a lot of difference in mitigating the human sufferings and putting the humanity back on the straight path of moderation and righteousness.

Further, if we all together undertake it as the mission of our life:

* It will increase our image in the community of nations, especially when the Muslim world looks forward towards establishing a chain of human fraternity;

*Posterity will always remember us when we become a boon to the suffering humanity;

* We may harvest the best reward on the last Day of Judgment which the secular West has forgotten altogether and is suffering enormously in its socio-economic-political life at every count.

Hope you all will take special interest towards guiding the destiny of mankind which is currently lying in jeopardy and in disarray.

Shamim A Siddiqi

6 Plant Lane, Westbury, NY 11590, USA

E-mail: ; Website:


NB: Brothers and sisters living out side NY/LI can have a copy of the book, if they send their Postal Mailing Address & E-mail to the author Shamim Siddiqi by E-mail. Shukrun

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