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An Open Letter to Our Honorable Prime Minister

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Dear the honourable Prime Minister:

Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada


I MEANT to write to you for some time.  I have some good news to share with your honour.

After much observation and careful analysis of your leadership, it has come clear to me that you are at the wrong place and at the wrong time.

A man of your calibre need to be at a place where he is appreciated and held in high regard and given the respect he deserves.

A place where no one dares to question your leadership, demand your resignation or ask for the firing of one of your noble ministers.

A man of your status and leadership skills belong to Africa where leaders are raised to a higher  level and treated with utmost dignity and respect.

You would not get opposition parties raising uncomfortable questions.

You would not get embarrassed by auditor's report or anything of that sort. You will be above the laws of the land. 

The media will fill its airwaves with songs of your praise and how great you are.

Newspapers and billboards will carry your smiling pictures under the title, ‘in the praise of an honourable leader.’

And those who cross the line and start criticizing your honour are dealt with accordingly.

They just disappear without a trace and are taken far, far away.

They are probably hated by their colleagues and loathed by their own families anyway.

By putting them away, you would be helping them and taking them to a place  where they don’t have to work anymore or pay rent every month.

Over there, Sir, when you talk, people will listen.

When you are scheduled to deliver a public sermon, masses of people including children and elderly would start lining up from the night before your speech to get a glimpse of your honourable face and to be near you at the stage in order to get your blessings.

They would all shed tears of joy when they see you coming out to great them.

“You are the leader of today and tomorrow,” singers will start singing, “We will sacrifice our lives for you, our honourable leader.”

I am writing this letter to invite you to come with me to Africa. Your tough personality as the leader does not fit well here in North America where people are spoiled and don’t know how to appreciate a great leader.

Ungrateful people here don’t deserve a strong and committed leader like you, Sir, a leader who knows what is best for them but they still don’t see it.

You might hesitate to accept this invitation and would argue that with time you can turn things around here and introduce an African government style where a leader is above the law.

While you can certainly turn things around as you already did by taking some unpopular measures such as  shutting down the Parliament, not paying attention to your critics, and forcing employees on strike back to work, something that is not accustomed in the society.

But the road ahead will not be easy and you will find politicians like Bob Rae and Thomas Muclair who will throw dust at you.

Why putting yourself through the hardship while there are already loyal people ready to accept you and are on the street to embrace you?

Another thing I should remind you is that you don’t have to go through mental anguish as you do in North America during election.

Here you spend a lot of resources, sleep less at night, and travel throughout the country to convince the ungrateful Canadians to vote for you.

Whereas in Africa, everything is taken care of for you. You will be overwhelmed and touched by the love of people when you see the election results as being 99.9% in your favour.

Having said all this, I must caution you, Sir.  You should not take things for granted and believe everything you hear.

While it appears on the surface that people like you and would die for you, in realty, things are quite different.

They are just playing games as we do here in North America with politics.

We must take our precautions and not let fate dictate our ending.

We must be clever enough to sense when the end is near and give ourselves ample time to run for our lives and escape their wrath and anger.

When people rise up against us and lay their hands on us, they will eat us alive, cut us into pieces and put us on public display.

With advisers like yours truly, we can put away our wealth for the rainy days and escape when things start to change.

I am not trying to scare you, Sir. I feel that I must lay out the reality that is awaiting us.

At this point, you might ask yourself whether it is worthwhile to go there.

The joy we will get and the lavish style we will be in and the way you will be praised and the unlimited power of leadership you will exercise will be worthwhile. You will have no regret, Sir.

I will be waiting for your response.

Your loyal admirer and future advisor,




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