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Dr. Javed Jamil’s Talk on “Role of Muslim Scholars in the Changing World Scenario”

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By M. SHUAYB, Delhi

RENOWNED Islamic scholar, Dr Javed Jamil has called upon Muslim scholars to give up their “apologetic” and “defensive” attitude and wage an “ideological onslaught” against un-Islamic modern theories, concepts and programmes. Dr Jamil, perhaps one of the most innovative thinkers of current times, was delivering a talk at JIH Conference Hall at Delhi in a workshop of Muslim scholars from all over the country. Speaking on “Role of Muslim Scholars in the changing World scenario”, he exhorted the scholars to reject every single modern theory, concept, definition, index, policy and programme that violate the Islamic ideology of “Comprehensive Peace”. He said that the scholars have a duty to understand the forces working behind the “changing world scenario” and expose their designs without fear or compromise. They need to be assertive and new institutions need to be established to undertake these studies. He said that while many Islamic scholars have been working in Applied Studies of Islam, he has brought a new impetus to the concept of “Applied Islamics” and has been working for the establishment of a full-fledged Islamic University of Applied Islamics. He disclosed that in his paper, “Muslim Vision of India”, he has proposed introduction of “Applied Islamics” as a full-fledged subject in Madrasas as well as modern Muslim universities.

Dr Jamil says that it is high time we learnt the art of applying Islam in all the fields of world affairs. “Islam is for the whole mankind”, he said, “and it is the duty of Muslim scholars to present workable Islamic paradigms in a non-parochial, non-communal manner to the whole world. He said that the concepts like “Freedom of Choice”, “Human Rights”, “Democracy” and “Secularism” have all degenerated into blackholes and all need to be redefined and reexamined. He said that the democracy has ceased to be a “government of the people, by the people and for the people” and has become corporatocracy meaning “a government of the corporates, run by the minions of the corporates and for the corporate”.

Dr Jamil said that on the one hand, Muslims need to come out of the inferiority complex and on the other hand they have to avoid any feeling of superiority. While they need to know their strengths in comparison to the Western world, they must focus on removing their shortcomings. On being asked about the global political scene, he said that “things have moved much ahead for Muslims since 1970swhen both Islam and Muslims were largely under the influence of West or Soviet union”. Since then, “Afghanistan banished Russians, Iranian Islamic Revolution has emerged and strengthened, Lebanon has been freed of American and Israeli forces, Islamic thought has revived, many Muslim countries have emerged as big growing economies and now Arab Spring is turning into Islam Spring”.

Dr Jamil suggested that a global ideological movement should be started without delay with conferences in all the major cities of the world on “Fundamental Prohibitions”, where the world must be told about the huge loss of lives and family and social peace on account of the “Haram” practices that are being glorified and commercialized by the forces of globalization. He told that more than 70 million human lives are lost annually on account of uninhibited sex including homosexuality, prostitution and promiscuity, alcohol and gambling. “These are staggering figures!” he exclaimed and “yet, human rights activists are only busy in protecting the homosexuality, abortions and prostitution”

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