A Demonstration for Peace in Sudan

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YESTERDAY, at the request of a couple of key Sudanese-American organizers, I participated in a demonstration in front of the Sudanese consulate, about a block or two from the United Nations. There were actually two demonstrations: one calling for “No More War in Sudan,” and a counter-demonstration whose central theme appeared to be for Sudanese President Omar Bashir to be brought before the ICC (International Criminal Court) – a judicial body that the U.S. government selectively recognizes whenever it is convenient to do so.

I was with the group that was calling for “Peace, Peace, Peace in Sudan,” and “No More War in Sudan.” For much of the first hour our side was considerably smaller than the other side, but by the second hour of the dual mobilizations, the No More War contingent grew to what appeared to be three times the size of the anti-government contingent.

For the sake of full disclosure I should note for the record that this commentator has been accused in the past, in some quarters, as being pro-Sudanese government, because of a book that I wrote a few years ago titled Target Sudan: What’s Really Behind The Crisis in Dafur. I personally don’t see myself as being “pro-government” – I consider myself to be pro-Sudan! (And I think a truly objective review of my record, and the book that bears my name, will bear this out.)

The initial impetus for the book resulted from my being approached years ago by a prominent member of the so-called “Save Darfur Coalition,” a coalition organization spearheaded by Jewish and Christian Zionists for the purpose of pushing forward a top-heavy propaganda campaign against the government in Khartoum – centered around the premise that there was, and still is, a deliberate “Arab” orchestrated campaign to commit genocide against the indigenous “African” Muslims of Darfur. (As if the whole of Sudan was not African.

A close secondary purpose was to use this campaign to make a lot of money in the process. (The overwhelming lion’s share of which the poor, suffering masses of Darfur – in whose name the money was raised – never saw!)

As an African-American Muslim and activist who happened to be fairly well known and respected in the nation’s capitol (Washington, DC) – where the Save Darfur Coalition is based – and as someone who has authored a number of independently published works on human rights related issues, the message was that I could be a very valuable piece of the campaign if I signed on (and that I could also materially benefit in the process).

I was admittedly suspicious of the offer made by this prominent official of the organization (followed by a call from an activist that I knew by reputation), because of my knowledge of some of the major contradictions in the “slavery in Sudan” claims that were made years earlier; another propaganda campaign that was connected to the North-South conflict that’s been raging for decades.

I decided to investigate the Darfur related claims being made, and ended up talking to Sudanese leaders and activists in different parts of the country on all sides of the issue (pro-con-and neutral) – including the [then] Sudanese ambassador to the U.S. Around the same time the late Hodari Abdul Ali, a brother who had close ties with Sudan (and its government), also approached me with the idea for a book. His suggestion was that he and I co-author a book on the crisis in Darfur. Unfortunately, we ended up not being able to agree on certain important perimeters; and thus, sensing the importance of such a project, I decided to go it alone.

The book project – and all that followed – was a truly eye-opening experience. It gave me a bird’s eye view into just how powerful well-orchestrated and targeted propaganda can be, how deeply entrenched Jewish/Zionist influence is in civil liberties and human rights organizations in America (both large and small), and how pervasive that influence also is in much of the African-American leadership psyche!

(While some will want to deliberately construe that last observation as evidence that Mauri’ Saalakhan is “anti-Semite,” I advise free thinkers not to fall for that lame, all too typical reactionary attack. Mauri’ Saalakhan only has a problem with certain “Semites” – both Jewish and non-Jewish.)

With that said, here is a summary of my remarks at yesterday’s demonstration.

1). I began by referencing my own public entry into some of the controversies surrounding the Sudan. How I became aware of the international conspiracies against Sudan itself, and how I became involved in the campaign for peace and justice for ALL of Sudan’s peoples.

2). I spoke of how I was approached early on by “Save Darfur”; but how the soul of a principled man or woman should never be for sale.

3). I spoke about the disinformation campaigns being waged against the Sudan, for years now, and the sometimes destructive policies and actions that can occur in its wake. Case in point: the deliberate and unwarranted bombing of the pharmaceutical plant in Khartoum during the Clinton administration; an act of war that affected many peoples in that region of Africa who depended on the products produced by that plant. It was alleged that the plant was used to produce weapons of mass destruction; an accusation that was later proved to be a lie!

4). I noted that Sudan was the largest territorial nation on the continent of Africa (I don’t know if it remains so, since the emergence of an “independent” South Sudan); that the country is strategically important – because of where it’s located on the continent and the countries that border it; and that it is a nation of enormous natural wealth.

5). I then stated that it is my heartfelt belief that certain global interests – i.e. propagandists, geo-political manipulators and capitalists, desire nothing more than controlled instability throughout the whole of Sudan! These predators have NO LOVE for the North, South, East or West – all they see is interests – Their Interests!

I ended my remarks by emphasizing the point that I am not partisan to any side. I want peace, stability, and prosperity for the whole of Sudan and ALL of its peoples. “My purpose in being here today is to encourage our brothers on all sides of the ongoing conflicts to resolve their issues themselves as Africans and Sudanese.” For those Sudanese who are Muslim – and the population of the country, much to the chagrin of its outside detractors, is overwhelmingly Muslim! – they should settle their affairs (with the intent toward justice) on the basis of The Noble Qur’an and prophetic sunnah, first and foremost.

This was the gist of my remarks at yesterday’s rally.

On a closing note, one of the brothers informed me that an agreement was reached between the new government of South Sudan and Zionist Israel, for Israel to construct to air bases in the country. If this is true, and those bases are to be used by the Israeli military (which if true, they will be), God help that region of the world.

P.S. A good friend of mine, Dr. Hakim Rashid (a professor at Howard University) has written an excellent novel in which the Sudan, and the international politics surrounding it, is a prominent factor in the storyline. The book titled, The President Is A Muslim, is a very informative and compelling read. I strongly recommend it!

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