Condemn Obama for His “Condemnation”

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USA President Barak Obama shakes hand with his best ally in the Middle East; Hosni Mubarak, ex President of Egypt, the butcher of Egyptian People. (File Photo)

USA President Barak Obama shakes hand with his best ally in the Middle East; Hosni Mubarak, ex President of Egypt, the butcher of Egyptian People. (File Photo)


ACCORDING to BBC, “On Thursday, Mr Obama condemned the government’s actions in ordering security forces to break up the protest camps, and cancelled joint military exercises. He said co-operation could not continue while civilians were being killed. However, he stopped short of cutting $1.3bn (£830m) in aid that the US gives to Egypt.”

This condemnation carries no weight whatsoever considering the fact that Egyptian military is nothing more than an American Offshoot in Egypt with historical cooperation at every level, from ammunitions to agreements and from ousters to coups. This condemnation needs to be condemned in strongest possible terms.

When the military ousted the Morsi government, hundreds of reports have appeared in the international arena that Obama was fully aware of what was going to happen, and yet did not do enough to thwart the coup. When the coup actually materialized, he refused to recognize it as “coup”. Obama administration did not see what the whole world saw because “coup” would have forced Obama to suspend the aid. There was no outright condemnation then and there was only an expression of hope that democratic government would be restored soon. The protests against the Coup continued for exactly six weeks but while the 48-hour demonstration with the collusion of the military had convinced Obama administration not to label it as coup, the 6-week display of public anger did not impress them. Then it was clear about a week before the actual massacre that military is bracing for the final kill. But again, Obama’s criminal silence did not break except appeals for “restraint” from “all sides”, as if the unarmed protesters would be an equal match for the bulldozers and the live ammunition of the military. That was the time to act but Obama refused to act. In effect, he has proved to be a a bigger proponent of aggressive and violent Americanism.

The ability of the first Black President to maneuver, his sordid machinations and his treacherous diplomacy of “peace” have overshadowed the records of all the white Presidents. If his blood link to a Muslim father has succeeded in anyway it is in infusing in his blood venom of hatred against Islam and Islamic world. He has cleverly embarked upon the policy of disengagement in terms of wars because he wants to achieve his objectives at zero cost for Americans. What else can be better than to switch on to Civil Wars? American money can now be used to arm Muslims for killing Muslims. America can smile from a safe distance without any risk of deaths of its own citizens.

Great game, Obama! But the Heavens are watching.

(Dr Javed Jamil is India based thinker and writer with over a dozen books including his latest, “Muslims Most Civilised, Yet Not Enough” and “Muslim Vision of Secular India: Destination & Road-map”. Other works include “The Devil of Economic Fundamentalism”, “The Essence of the Divine Verses”, “The Killer Sex”, “Islam means Peace” and “Rediscovering the Universe”. He can be contacted or 91-8130340339)


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  1. Zain Syed says:

    Please restore democracy in Egypt. If a party is elected, it should be given its full term. Military has no business in the cities leave alone killing citizens with our weapons & money We need to practically support democratic process regardless. Otherwise we will be promoting extremism and jeopardising the lives of our citizens abroad.

  2. Shuja says:

    Egypt does not even give hoot to Obamas threat as long as Saudi thugs are behind them. They are offering 10 billion dollars for the offset. Yes, Obama must be condemned, but not on the expense of internal enemies. This is the time Muslims should accept that unless Saudis sits upon two holy mosques, and an income of 365 billion dollars per year, the task is quite challenging. We need to address this issue asap.

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