Fareed Zakaria on Egypt Military Coup

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This is the question asked by Fareed Zakaria to a sympathizer of Egyptian Army in a Television interview:

“So, Bret, when you look at what’s going on in Egypt, you now have a military coup that it’s very difficult to make the case it was a soft coup.  And I understand the niceties of the American government not calling it that, but you had the military take over a democratically elected government.  You now have the military appointing 17 out of 19 generals as governors.  How should we think about this?”

The easiest recipe for international fame is through supporting the American policies.  Considering the fact that the whole Muslim World in the current times is drowned in the hatred for West, if a Muslim can side with the US, his claim to the fame becomes irrefutable. If he can do it in an apparently neutral way, nothing like that. Fareed Zakaria exactly befits the criteria. And that makes him perhaps the most admired journalist in the Western world. He is now trying to prove that American support to the military in Egypt is the biggest Foreign Policy failure of the US administration in recent times. In criticizing the US administration, he is in fact guarding them. The truth is that from American point of view, though they will not publicly accept it, this is no failure at all. This is a remarkable success, exactly in accordance with their plans.

I have been arguing repeatedly in my articles that Obama has abandoned the policy of waging wars against Muslim Countries and has switched to Civil Wars. He cannot bear the loss of men and dollars that America had been suffering throughout the last decade in its”War against Teror”. He has understood well that Civil Wars are a much more potent option to destroy Muslim lands and Islamic ideologies, and a much safer option for America. And if sectarianism can be added, it would become the biggest weapon of mass destruction. This will help in many ways. Instead of fighting American hegemony, “Muslim Terrorists” will be hitting each other. And their biggest enemy, Iran, will find it hard to survive in the face of a Sunni Wrath, if it is properly fumed.

Syrian experiment not producing the desired results due to resistance by Russia, China and Iran, and Turkey experiment failing because of Erdogan’s wisdom and popularity, it was the right time to open the front in Egypt. The US administration was making sure that everything went according to their plan before they shed crocodile tears and condemn violence. The plan so far has gone exactly according to what they thought. Will it proceed the way they like or will it prove to be another failure of the US designs, only time will tell.

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