Rallies in New York, Toronto, London and Worldwide Outrage against Egypt Military Coup

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By ABU SAAD and Agencies

THE violent bloodbath of thousands of Egyptian civilians by Egyptian army and police has generated anger around the world. Hundreds of thousands of people came out on the streets to protest around the globe.

rabbaaIn New York, a crowd of several thousand on Sunday gathered in front of the Egyptian mission to the UN to protest against the actions of the military. They were demanding to restore Morsi as the elected President of Egypt.

They were angry with the UN for not doing anything to stop the violence against Morsi supporters at home. They raised slogans against US President Obama and the Egyptian military. They demanded the Barack Obama cut off the funds to the Egyptian military until the atrocities cease.

Protest Rally in New York

Protest Rally in New York

The protest lasted for several hours, and included many speakers. In addition to many Islamic organizations, the International Action Center and other anti-imperialist groups also joined the rally. The rally demanded U.S. stop funding the Egyptian military as the violence continues.

In Toronto, around five hundred people rallied on Saturday in front of provincial parliament, Queens Park. The rally was led by a Canadian Egyptian, the ex-advisor of Egypt President Morsi Ahmed Elemam.

Dr. Yaser Haddara, Dr. Wael Haddara, Ismael Lawendy, several Canadian Egyptian Muslim activists, relatives of victims in current massacre, Turkish, and Bangladeshi Islamic representatives addressed the rally. Several Islamic groups, Islamic centres, and communities from Mississauga, Scarborough, downtown Toronto, and Thorncliffe Park, East York Toronto supported and attended the rally by arranging buses. The speakers asked Canadian government and Stephen Harper to condemn strongly the Military coup and killings of unarmed protestors. The organizers asked Canada must condemn their actions and press the United Nations to hold the Egyptian regime accountable for human rights violations and crimes against humanity.

Toronto Protest Rally. Ahmed Elemam, Ex-Advisor of President Morsi is addressing the rally

Toronto Protest Rally. Ahmed Elemam, Ex-Advisor of President Morsi is addressing the rally

Protestors also held up graphic photos depicting victims of violence in Egypt. Several of them were holding Egyptian and Canadian flags.

A Canadian Egyptian Amr Kassem has been killed by Egypt Army. He was on vacation with his wife and new baby daughter. Ibrahim Hussein, brother in law of a Canadian killed in Egypt, says his relative was shot and killed during a peaceful protest.

Similar demonstrations were held in Vancouver and Montreal. In Montreal, protesters gathered in a downtown park to call for democracy in Egypt. Many held up signs denouncing the military coup.

In London, England, a rally was organized by Muslim Brotherhood and Jamaat e Islami. Around 500 pro-Morsi demonstrators gathered in front of Downing Street in London to protest against the coup currently unfolding in Egypt against england-rally-2Mohammad Morsi, launched by the Egyptian Army.  Protestors were fiercely critical of Gen Abdul Fattah el-Sisi, the country’s military leader who led the operation to oust Mohammed Morsi last month. The group chorused: ‘Cameron, Cameron, can’t you see? Sisi killed democracy.’

In Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, and in most of the major cities of Pakistan, Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) staged rallies on Sunday. Addressing a Jummuah congregation at the Jamia Masjid Mansoora, Lahore, the JI chief said that the Gen Sisi could not remain in the office even for one day, if the US stopped her support to him. He said that the people of Egypt had reposed their confidence in Muslim Brotherhood at five occasions during the last two years but the West and America due to their double standards based on anti-Islam approach had not allowed transfer of power to Islamic movements. Mr. Hasan said that military bulldozercrushed unarmed civilians including women and children to death.

Protest Rally in Karachi, Pakistan organised by Jamaat Islami Pakistan

Protest Rally in Karachi, Pakistan organised by Jamaat e Islami

Addressing the participants of the rally in Karachi, JI Secretary General Liaquat Baloch said that Muslims are no longer ready to accept slavery and appealed to the Saudi Arabia not to detach itself from Muslim fraternity in the backdrop of present situation.

He questioned why is it that the United Nations (UN) and other human rights organizations fail to see the atrocities being unleashed on unarmed people of Egypt. Vice President of  JI Sindh, Asadullah Bhutto said the silence of the US, the flag bearer of democracy, over the toppling of democratic government in Egypt has exposed its true face.

The speakers expressed solidarity with the Muslim Brotherhood and the people of Egypt and condemned conspiracies by imperialistic elements and anti-Islam forces. They also demanded of the UN to convene a meeting of the Security Council.

In Turkey, several thousand demonstrators waving Islamic flags and chanting anti-U.S. slogans took to the streets in Turkey’s two biggest cities; Ankara and Istanbul, on Friday to protest at the bloody crackdown in Egypt and to support of ousted President Mohammed Morsi.

In the capital Ankara, protesters marched from the largest Masjid after Jummuah prayers to the U.S. embassy, where the crowd, angered by Washington’s failure to call Morsi’s ouster a coup, chanted “Murderer America, get out of Turkey.”

Riot police stood watch nearby but there was no intervention by the security forces. The crowds were kept back from the embassy grounds and were later allowed to move their protest to outside the Egyptian embassy a short distance away.

A Scene of the protest rally in Istanbul, Turkey

A Scene of the pro-Morsi rally in Istanbul, Turkey

In Istanbul, Turkey’s largest city, hundreds of protesters gathered in the Islamic supporters district of Eyup, shouting pro-Morsi with Islamic/Quranic slogans and waving Egyptian, Palestinian and Syrian opposition flags.

Turkey has emerged as one of the fiercest international critics of what it has called an “unacceptable coup” after the military toppled Morsi last month. On Thursday it recalled its ambassador, prompting Cairo to reciprocate.

Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan has accused the West of double standards in failing to condemn Mursi’s ouster. Anti-Western sentiment runs high in current Turkish society.

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  1. Ahmed Saeed says:

    No other option for Egypt and the Muslim Umma other than to:

    topple the NEW PHAROH (Sissi) and restore MOSES (Morsi) to his legitimate position as an elected President of the Republic of Egypt.

    Short of that is a painful long lasting Nukba for all.

  2. ismail yurdakok says:

    Our support will go on for Mursi. Everywhere is Rabia

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