Moral Bankruptcy: Kathleen Wynn to Rob Ford

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KATHLEEN Wynn, the Premier of Ontario, is the first open lesbian politician of Canada and first gay premier in Canada. She was instrumental in passing Bill 171 in the Ontario Assembly on February 24, 2005, the Spousal Relationships Statute Law Amendment Act that legislated and legalized “same sex marriage.” This “legislative movement” triggered the Federal Legislation, and the new Civil Marriage Act was introduced by Prime Minister Paul Martin’s Liberal government in the Canadian House of Commons that passed on June 28, 2005. After Senate and Royal consent, on July 20, 2005, Canada became the first country outside Europe to legalize same-sex marriage with the enactment of the Civil Marriage Act which provided a gender-neutral marriage definition. Our Province Ontario and its open gay politicians, Kathleen Wynn and George Smitherman (ex health minister of Ontario and a candidate of Mayoral race in last City election) played a key role by kicking off a movement from the largest province of Canada.

Kathleen-WynneIn 2001, when Katheleen Wynn was the School Trustee in Toronto, she helped pass a measure encouraging public schools to purchase teaching materials reflecting the presence of gay and lesbian parents in “modern society.” In 2006 when she became education minister of Ontario, she laid the foundation for the complete change in the education system of Ontario and to familiarize it with homosexuality, same-sex marriage and family of two moms and two dads from elementary level education.

Dalton McGuinty’s government ( Katheleen Wynn, was a minister) introduced a radical graphic sex education in the public education; elementary schools from grade 3 in 2010 and then passed Bill 13, “Accepting Education Act” in 2011 that comes with a comprehensive homosexual curriculum guide lines KG to 12

From this new Education Act, one can see that the Katheleen Wynn and her Liberal government and its leaders not only looking a right to practice a lifestyle on their own, but also they are trying to impose it on the whole society. Taking advantage of ignorance of general mass (a large number of Canadian parents don’t read even news and unaware of what is happening around their surrounding), they are looking to see the whole new generation practicing the lifestyle they adopted in their individual lives.

When Ms Wynn became the Premier of Ontario this year in 2013, one of her first priorities was to reinforce the new education system/curriculum and also reintroduce the radical graphic sex-ed curriculum that severely disgusted the concerned parents.

Kathleen Wynn had been elected Member of Ontario Provincial Assembly from Don Valley West, Toronto in 2003. She had been re-elected in 2007 and 2011. A significant number of populations still claim the strict adherent of religious values. All the religious groups –Christian, Jews, Muslims, and Hindus– know the consequences of adopting the lifestyle of “homosexuality.”  You can check the Bible and Al-Quran (the latest edition and final revelation of divine book from God) and the consequences of practicing it. Despite all religious teachings, the God granted “evil” became the “norm” and widely “accepted” in the society because of some of us worship our “desires.” By respecting the will of “desire worshippers,” and because they are now well organized minority, we are bound to accept this “evil” as a “good.”

Rob_FordToronto City embattled Mayor Rob Ford is now stripped of most of the powers by the council members. His main crime was he was using crack cocaine. Toronto Police confirmed the crime. Ten days after, the mayor admitted smoking the drug in a “drunken stupor.”  He used vulgar/inappropriate words on his sex life and dragged his wife into this despicable circus. By every standard –religious, ethics, civic values– Rob Ford did wrong, evil, ugly, and vulgar.

However, my question is that who has right to define what is the right and what is wrong?  Does this right go to the worshippers of their own desires? Or does it belong to the God, the Creator of Heaven, earth and all creatures?

If we have decided that this right goes to the people (and their desires), then crack cocaine users may also be mobilized and organized one day and come up with the demand tomorrow to accept cocaine use a life style. They can make it as a “human right” issue and twenty to twenty five years later the person like Rob Ford will be a “respected” mayor of the city like Katheleen Wynn, a respected premier of Ontario. No one will have courage to speak against him because it will be a “human rights” and “social justice” issue. An organized effort and activism from any group up to a certain time can make any “non-acceptable” norm seriously “acceptable.”  If we look 30-40 years ago, no one could believe and even imagine that we will have same-sex marriage law in this country and a gay can be a premier. If we go before 1920, sex outside marriage was impossible and non-imaginable in North America. Virginity was highly respectable and majority of Christian families were strictly adhered to this value. What happened now?  Sex outside marriage is not considered taboo now even in the so called “religious” Christian families.

From the case of Katheleen Wynn to Rob Ford, one thing is obvious, the society we are living in is morally bankrupt and the civilization is downing into the gutter. The life styles and habit that were disastrously dangerous for any civilization are now the mainstream of the Canadian life.

Are any group among us “eligible” to bring back values to the society and the nation and uplift it to a certain moral level?

Written by Jawed Anwar

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