Bangladesh: Farcical Election for the One Party Rule

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Bangladesh police is beating and detaining a Jamaat-e-Islami peaceful activist during a protest in Dhaka in February

Bangladesh police is beating and detaining a Jamaat-e-Islami peaceful activist during a protest in Dhaka.

The 10th Parliament election of Bangladesh held on January 5, amidst boycott of opposition parties is just a farce. Awami League “won” majority seats uncontested. They practically imposed the one party rule on Bangladesh as it was in Soviet Union and many East European countries till 80s. Awami League got full support of India and other are uniting to stop emerging “Islam” and when there was no chance to win Awami League they were given “green chit” to continue the power without opposition.

The Bangladesh Nationalist Party-Jamaat Islami alliance and other mainstream political parties boycotted the election and said othat Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina should resign as elections under her will be rigged.

Awami League won 153 seats “unopposed”.

Telecast by all television channels the daylong event of voting has been quite bizarre. Television journalists reporting from around the country showed nearly empty voting centres in their video reports.

The Awami League leaders are claiming that the election was successful. Speaking at a press conference Awami League Presidium Member Tofail Ahmed stated that the election was “free, fair and transparent.”

In a joint statement, SCBA president AJ Mohammad Ali, also adviser to BNP chairperson, and acting secretary ABM Rafiqul Huq Talukder Raja said it was the outcome of staging the latest farcical election as planned through the 15th amendment to the constitution to consolidate power.

Saying that people across the country have outright rejected the controversial 10th general election, opposition BNP on Sunday said the defeat of the government has been ensured through the rejection.

The BNP led opposition has called a fresh 48 hours strike beginning at 6am on Monday demanding the cancellation of the 10th parliamentary polls held  on January 5.

BNP chairperson’s adviser Osman Farroque said that “the people hatefully rejected the polls by not going to the voting centres ……boycotting the polls, people have also showed no confidence in the government” as he announced the strike programme from his residence.

Among the dead, three were killed in Dinajpur, two each in Rangpur, Thakurgaon, Nilphamari and Feni districts, and one each in Laxmipur and Munshiganj districts.

In the capital, at least five people, including an Ansar member, were injured as anti-election activists exploded over 40 crude bombs near different polling stations during the voting.

Meanwhile, polling at 144 centres in 14 districts was postponed due to destruction of those in arson by anti-election activists, sources at the Election Commission Secretariat said.

Chief Election Commissioner Kazi Rakibuddin Ahmad at a press briefing at the Election Commission (EC) also acknowledged the low turnout of voters in the 10th national election.

There have been allegations of vote rigging as well. “Tuku’s son Ashik Al Shams led a gang of some 50 supporters and attacked Shahidnagar Government High School and Satiakola Dakhil Madrassa…” where they “rigged votes”, reported Dhaka Tribune.

18-party alliance and other political parties boycotted the election with demands that the election be held under a non-party administration.

Over 130 people have been killed across the country in election-related violence across the country since the Election Commission announced the election schedule on November 25.

All the calls from the international community and the civil society members to convince the government to hold an inclusive election has failed as the current regime has staunchly held to its position that that the election has to be held by January 24 for maintaining the “constitutional process”.

Earlier all major international bodies like the EU and countries including the US, UK, and Russia, among others, have refused to send observers. Experts think that the “fake election”, as called by the Asian Human Rights Commission, will cause further discord and bloodshed in the country.

Acting Secretary General of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami, Dr. Shafiqur Rahman demanded the cancellation of the farcical election, restoration of the caretaker government system in the constitution and immediate resignation of the government. His statement is as follows:

“The people of the country have rejected the farcical election with deep hatred. The people did not go to the poll center. The countrymen and the world community witnessed through media that, there was no significant presence of voters in the poll centers. There are some centers which did not experience even a single voter throughout the day. Such a mockery in the name of election had never been taken place in the history of the world. The intellectuals, journalists, civil society members and international media highlighted the poor status of the election and remarked that this is not an election at all. The people who have been carrying movement to establish their voting rights have boycotted the election. Thus they proved their stance in favor of the credible election under a caretaker government. The force that is in fear of the people, they have undertaken the irregularities to stay more in the power. By adopting the same heinous policy, Awami League has initiated a new black part of the history. Taking stance against 90 percent of the total population, no government can run a country, this government will not be able to sustain as well.
I want to say clearly in this regard that, Bangladesh is not a property by a party or an individual. This is a land of 16 crore people. The public representatives will govern this nation. By holding a drama in the name of election, Awami League has conducted undemocratic, unlawful activities just to stay in office. The government is no more with public support. This government is illegal. This illegitimate government has no more right to run this country. The employees of the republic are not bound to follow the order of this government. All the decision of the government is illegal and anti-constitutional. The Prime Minister’s statement in this afternoon’s press conference has frustrated the nation. Her statement is poor and irrational. The way she appreciates the voter less election, that have tarnished the image of the country once again.

The autocratic policy of the government to stay in power will put the nation at the verge of collapse. The people have no confidence upon the government which violates the constitution and rule of law so frequently. If this government has minimum respect to the public desire they could not arrange such farcical election. The government’s conspiracy to serve the interest of some looters instead of the total population will not bring any positive outcome.

Addressing the Prime Minister, we want to say that, try to understand the reality. Back to democracy and try to serve the interest of the 16 crore people. Take rational move to save economy and the upcoming generation. Cancel the farcical election immediately and show respect towards democracy by holding a free, fair and credible election under a caretaker government.
In this occasion, I am also protesting and condemning the pathetic incidents of attacking on the houses of the minorities in Dinajpur district. Jamaat-Shibir is no way involved with the incidents of attack or set fire in the house of the minorities in Dinajpur district.
Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami never believes in communalism. Rather they hate the incidents of attacking and setting fire on the houses of the minorities. We want exemplary punishment of the miscreants followed by proper investigation who had conducted the misdeeds. I am also calling upon the government to take effective measures to stop these misdeeds. For the sake of proper investigation, I am also urging the media to stop propaganda against Jamaat-e-Islami and Islami Chhatra Shibir.”

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