Israeli Prime Minister Stephen Harper Comes Back after long visit in Canada

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(A humorous piece, however it looks so real and fits to Stephen Harper. He proved repeatedly that he should be called Prime Minister of Israel, not Canada.)

stephenharperTEL AVIV
– After nine long years travelling in Canada to promote his country, Israel’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper is finally returned back in his homeland.

“From what I have learned, Canada is a beautiful and proud country,” announced Harper after his arrival at Ben Gurion airport was greeted by deputy Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and throngs of admirers. “I persuaded the Canadian government to become a strong supporter of Israel. After all, Canadians are very polite people who want to please.”

During his prolonged state visit to Canada, the Israeli PM has made several thousands of addresses in Canadian parliament and also represented Canada at the G8, G20, NATO and the UN. Harper also thanked Canada for being generous enough to pay 200 people to accompany him home.

“They let me write their own foreign policy, argue with the Opposition and watch Canada lose a UN Security Council seat that the government said it didn’t want anyway,” the 54 year old leader explained with a noticeable level of excitement in his voice.

Harper even had time to write a book on Canada’s national sport – “iced hockey” – but stated he never understood the country’s fascination with the game and is just happy to be home.

At press time, Canada’s Minister of Employment and Social Development Jason Kenney was also set to return to his homeland, mid 19th century Britain, where he will continue his work as Minister of poor houses and child labour.

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  1. Dave Makkar says:

    ISRAEL: AN APARTHEID & TERRORIST STATE: More than 200yrs ago, Thomas Jefferson declared that every nation must act with a “decent respect to the opinions of mankind”. Israeli leaders have never accepted the wisdom of this maxim. They adhere to the dictum of a racist fanatic David Ben-Gurion: “It is not important what the Gentiles say, it is important what the Jews do.” Perhaps he assumed that Jews would not act foolishly.
    People are sick & tired of listening to BS by Zionist that Palestine belongs to them according to Biblical scriptures. 3000yrs ago they were driven out of that land another C&B storey. Old Testament or not, the Jews had no right to go to Palestine to kill the Palestinians and drive 750,000 from their homes to create Israel in 1948. Because of their prior ownership they are mocking God by butchering Palestinians and treating them worst than animals with money and weapons received by blackmailing America to reclaim their Holy Land.
    It was an International Crime with American & European support to make a nation for those people whose ideology consisted of racism, supremacy, and expansionism and nothing can be said to justify it. Any one who claims that Israel is the victim not the aggressor; is nothing but fiction, hocus pocus, misrepresentation, half truths, omissions and out right lies. Those who says that Israel stands tall as a beacon of Democracy in an otherwise dark middle east where oppression and slavery are norm are insulting every democracy around the world.
    Since Israel has been forcibly occupying Palestine since 1967 and doing human genocide of Muslims; I do not hesitate to classify Israel as an apartheid and terrorist state.

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