When “Evil” Becomes “Human Right”

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Jawed Anwar

THE human history is the history of conflict between good and evil, right and wrong, and truth and false. This conflict peaks when the Messenger of Allah descends on earth with the Message of God that draws the line between truth and false as we learn from the life of all messengers and prophets of God. This conflict went into its maximum height at the time of tallest figures of prophethood –Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad (s.a.w.).

The messengers of Allah explain what is right and what is wrong, what is moral and what is immoral, and acts of sin, and reward. The messengers brought the clear sign and power from the God. There were always two situations: either people accepted it or denied it. In both cases, the truth prevailed. In case of large acceptance, the Prophet, with the help of his believer friends, formed the society and government based on these principles brought by the messengers. In case of non-acceptance, they were destroyed (except the believers); shocking catastrophes seized them, and they remained prostrate in their dwellings. The denier nations were destroyed by strong wind, severe weather, flood, earthquake, and by shower of stones; as it happened in case of people of Noah, Aad, Thamud, nation of Lot, and Midian. They were all cut off as the last remnant. All these nations were thrown in the dustbin of history.

Whenever, people and nations deviated from the path, Allah has sent the messengers until the last messenger Muhammad (s.a.w.) who completed the DEEN (the divine system of life for the people on earth). His message is intact in today’s living language Arabic in the form of Al-Quran. This is the last and latest edition of the series of divine books sent by God.

From the teachings of all these prophets, the human society always knew what was wrong and what was right, and what was evil and what was good. Even wrongdoers, no matter how powerful they were, knew that they were doing wrong. People were always able to draw the lines between two opposite deeds.

But now, the “modern” man of the “West” says that nothing is permanent “evil” and permanent “righteousness.” In all cases, the human “desire” should be respected. The biggest idol of this modern man is the “self desire” and “lust.”

All the evils of the society like promiscuity, adultery, pornography, prostitution, selling the bodies for money and lust, sex outside marriage, living together without marriage, homosexuality, all kinds of sexual acts a person can think and have desire to practice it, gambling, and liquor, are the choices of a person, and there is nothing wrong in it. Bad people are not those who are doing and practicing evil, but bad guys are those who feel badly about it, and worst are those who oppose it. “Evil doing” is now the issue of “human rights” and “women rights” campaigned by “human right” activists and feminists. Because all these deeds are coming from the “desire” of a person so the DEVI of human desire “must be worshiped.”

Law-making bodies, provincial and federal parliaments, and law-interpreting bodies; courts are busy in shaping the laws of the land to help and support these “desire worshippers.” The December 2013 ruling of Supreme Court of Canada is the latest example. The court struck down anti-prostitution laws in a unanimous decision with 9-0. The laws prohibiting brothels, living on the avails of prostitution, and communicating in public with clients were struck down by the court. The court states that these laws were “grossly disproportionate.” Now the Parliament has one year to create new legislation if it chooses to do so regarding prostitution laws.

Our nation “divorced” God and freed them to do whatever they desire to do.

The people who are still connected to their Lord and know the catastrophic consequences of mankind should come forward now to stop the worst menace of history before it will be too late.

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