Thousands of Students Boycott Ontario Schools on Oct. 1

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Thorncliffe Park Parents Took the Lead

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Photo Courtesy: Thorncliffe Parents Association

Photo Courtesy: Thorncliffe Parents Association

IN a protest against Wynne’s sex-education curriculum, on Thursday, October 1, thousands of students were absent all over Ontario. At Thorncliffe Park School, the largest elementary school of Canada, almost 740 students were absent.

Considering the fact that several hundred students were already pulled out from this school by their parents in September are now going to private schools and staying home for homeschooling, this number is too high.

Similar was the situation at Fraser Mustard Academy, the all-kindergarten school next door.

A human chain rally was organized by 11:30 a.m at Thorncliffe Park. Several hundred parents attend this human chain rally despite the working day and hours.


In a statement Thursday, arrogant Ontario Education Minister Liz Sandals on “the radical sex ed curriculum issue” said it was “disappointing” to learn that “some parents” were choosing to keep their children home from school.

Frustrated Jeff Crane, the Principal of Thorncliffe Park Public School said “It’s been unlike anything I’ve ever experienced or ever thought I would experience in a school in Toronto.” Mr. Crane told CBC host Matt Galloway: “I’ve spent the past several weeks trying to convince parents to come to school. I never thought we would be doing that in the city of Toronto.”

September School Boycott: Classes held at Thorncliffe Park by volunteer teachers

September School Boycott: Classes held at Thorncliffe Park by volunteer teachers

Inspired by the successful boycott of the schools for one full month in September by Thorncliffe Parents Association, the Canadian Families Alliance, the umbrella organization of about 25 Parents Associations and groups representing 200,000 parents against Wynn’s sex ed announced Ontario wide one day “Empty School” campaign under the slogan of “We Are all Thorncliffe Park.”

In a Press Conference on Monday, Sept. 25 held at Thorncliffe Park organized, The Canadian Families Alliance announced “empty school” for one day.

Khalid Mahmood, organizer of the Thorncliffe Parents Association, said as a father, he is concerned about the new material. “Why are Liberals so hell-bent on pushing age-inappropriate lessons such as those which encourage 11 year olds to masturbate and others which get 12 year olds thinking about anal sex, oral sex and sexual pleasure?” Khalid Mahmood, president of the Thorncliffe Parents’ Association, said in a the press conference. “We are calling for a mass withdrawal of students in every community. Parents will send a strong message that the Liberals cannot ignore: Let kids be kids!”

“On Oct. 1, thousands of parents are pulling their kids out of school to show their dissatisfaction with the premier’s bad curriculum, which is an open invitation for early pregnancies and STIS including HIV,” said Khalid Mahmood.

“What has transpired at Thorncliffe Park” is “both an inspiration and a call to action to parents throughout the province,” says Sam Sotiropoulos, a former trustee with the Toronto District School Board (TDSB).

Addressing press conference on September 25, from L to R: Khalid Mahmood, Jack Fonesca, Lou Iacobelli, Sam Sotiropoulos and Christina Liu

Addressing press conference on September 25, from L to R: Khalid Mahmood, Jack Fonesca, Lou Iacobelli, Sam Sotiropoulos and Christina Liu

“Lou Iacobelli, Chair of the Parental Rights in Education Defense Fund Ontario asked government to pay $10,000, the education cost to each of those students who are not attending public schools so that they can go to schools of their choice.

Ali Ahmed one of the parent at Thorncliffe Park commented that paying back $10,000 of our tax money is the best suggestion and real accommodation of those who don’t agree with this curriculum and system.

Jack Fonesca of Campaign Life Coalition explained the detail of radical, explicit and graphic sex education of Wynn’s government. “It is pornography, not sex education”, he said. “It’s time for the Wynne Liberal government to respect parent’s authority as primary educators and to drop its plan to foist this unpopular, age-inappropriate and overly explicit school program on our children,” Jack Fonseca said. He said that Ms Wynne must resign now from the premier office.

Christina Liu, president of Parents Alliance of Ontario for Better Education said that she had serious concern on the human development and sex health content of new sex ed. It has unhealthy, unscientific and age inappropriate content.

“We support the effort of parents across Ontario in pulling their children from their elementary classrooms to protest Kathleen Wynne’s sex-ed agenda,” said Teresa Pierre, president of Parents as First Educators. “This will help send a strong message to the government that they should stop interfering with parents’ rights to be the primary educators of their children.” “The Liberal sex curriculum is an attack on the innocence of our children,” she said. “We hope every community will find a way to join other families in protesting Kathleen Wynne’s sex-ed agenda on Oct. 1.”

Parents also have protested across Ontario on September 2 in front of the MPP offices of all the ridings, one week before starting new school session.

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