Shame on Education Curriculum: Background-1

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Shame on Education Curriculum: Background-1

2 Responses for “Shame on Education Curriculum: Background-1”

  1. Muslim says:

    May Allah give Hidayath to all of them and give us all to remain patient and focused on DEEN. Many many thanks for writing such brilliant script of wisdom.
    May Allah bless you.

  2. Muslimah says:

    It is really an amazing and eye-opener article. Every single word said in the article is the reality of the bitter truth we are living in today. The Zionist plan to control the world is coming into effect. The end of times is coming very near now. I just pray to Allah that we can work hard to save our next generation from this fitnah. May Allah unite us Muslims here on one platform and one thought to save our children. I will be waiting anxiously for part two of the article..

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