Why This Big Difference of Opinion?

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THE Messenger of Allah, Muhammad p.b.u.h., once sent one of his enlightened and courageous companion Muazz Bin Jabal(RA) to govern Yemen, he (s. a. w.) asked him “How will you decide in a matter of dispute?”Mu’adh answered; ‘I will refer to the Qur’an.’ The Prophet then asked, ‘What will you do if you do not find the decree you are looking for in the Qur’an?’ Mu’adh answered, ‘I will refer to the Prophet’s Sunnah.’ The Prophet (s.a.w) asked, ‘But what will you do if you do not find a decree even in the Sunnah?’ Mu’adh readily answered, ‘I will be judge between mankind by resorting to juristic reasoning (ijtihaad) to the best of my power.’ Now, Mu’adh’s staunch commitment to Allah’s Book and the Prophet’s Sunnah does not mean that he closed his mind to the countless and endless possibilities or facts that await someone to unravel and judge. Perhaps both Mu’adh’s ability in juristic reasoning and the logical usage of his intelligence enabled him to master the fiqh, excelling all other scholars. The Prophet (s.a.w) justifiably described Mu’adh as ‘the most learned man of my nation in halal and haram.’

Throughout Muslims history Muslim scholars, elders, community leaders and activists in all the matters of world and in all affairs of life always reasoned through Nusus; Allah (swt) and his Prophet (saw) have this to say. There citation of Allah ( swt) and Prophet ( saw) words were reflected in their life and in their education system. When new issues arise and Islam expands immensely in the world, the great fuqha, and Mujtahideen have decreed according to what Allah(swt) says and what RasoolAllah (s.a.w.) said, then what Mujtahdeen of early times, Imam Abu Hanifa (R.), Imam Shafi’i (R.), Imam Malik (R.), and Imam Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal (R.); later on Ibn Taymiyyah , Imam Ibn Qayyim or Imam Ghazali, ( some of prominent names in Islam) said on the issue of all our private and public life. Our libraries are full of their books, explanations and our scholars had been continuously researching and writing on all the new issues facing in our political, social, economic, cultural and spiritual life.

Suddenly in the last more than one and half century, we are completely disconnected from the source. Firstly we are divided our life; in deen and dunya. The destruction of the foundation had started when we separated our education system in Deen and Duniya.

In the post colonial period (British India), our new education system (developed after complete destruction of past Muslim education system and its resources), in which learning, reading, understanding, and pondering the message of Quran did not get the prime importance as it should have. The knowledge of social sciences; Politics, Society, Psychology, Anthropology, Geography, History, and Communication did not get their place in our Madrasah education system. There were also a complete lack of awareness in the research and development taking place in the field of science and technology and how it is affecting the societies; social and religious being.

From all the standards set by great Fuqahah of Islam, new scholars of these traditional Madrasahs didn’t qualify to decree in all these issues of social and physical sciences because of their deficient understanding of the modern world. They are dependent on the “briefing” of secular educated scholars on all the social issues of life. However, few of them (scholars of Islam, several of them outside the system) excel in this knowledge by personally studying and conducting research.

When priorities shifted and secondary source of knowledge (other than Quran and Hadith), dominated in Madrasahs, it divided educational intuitions in sectarian and Masalik lines. Gaps between the heart and mind start developing at an early age. On the other hand, the schools of knowledge of Duniya were also divided on economic and social status from the children of security guards to Government Secretaries there are six or seven layers of education and school system; yellow school to Grammar School.

Therefore the students of assorted schools of Deen and Duniya are divided in their mindset from student life. How is it possible that they will unite when grown up?

The tendency to leave Quran and Sunnah in all public affairs and community matters spread like rapid fire. Here you will not find difference between Mister and Maulvi, and Phd and Mufti.

In Indian history, the first prominent Muslim who disconnected Quran and Sunnah (or practically gave least importance) in all community issues and matters was Sir Syed Ahmed Khan. He set the standard/ideal of Culture and Civilization of England to fix the all issues and tribulations of the Muslim Ummah.

The culture of these two institutions; Aligarh and Deoband dominated the Indian subcontinent and shaped the heart and mind of the people from generations after generations. The first disconnects from the divine source and other failed to apply due to little or no understanding of Social Sciences and modern world. That was the reason why at the crucial time of freedom from British India and at the time of division of India, our great Islamic scholars were divided into Congress, Muslim League, and in between several camps.

However, there are few exceptions from Deoband, and several independent Ulemas, who guided the Muslim community in the right direction and tried their upmost to decree in all social, political, cultural, civilization, and economic issues of modern life.

Late Mujahid Ali Qasmi, a great scholar and a noted Alumni of Deoband once stated in his speech that limiting “Ijtihad” in the issue of wudu and salat is like confining a vast ocean in a small well.

There is similar history of Arab and African Muslim world.

There should not be a surprise when people differ in practically every issue of our social affairs.

We are disconnected; from our lord, the creator and the most loving and most knowledgeable Messenger of Allah (swt). Our outlook and our vision have changed since then. We are not thinking from our heart and mind, but most of us are accustomed to think from our stomach.

It was not surprise when I got an overflow of messages, accusations, along with vulgar language on my article “Don Valley West: Choosing a “Better Evil

On the ideological front; we are all blind. To see, analyze and understand any issue and affair of life, we need an eyeglass. The difference arises because we have different eyeglasses. Some of us have see through the liberal eyeglass, some through the secular eyeglass, some have nationalist/communalist eye glass, ethnic eyeglass, socialist eyeglass, Iranian eyeglass, Saudi eyeglass, charity protecting eye glass, local Masjid eye glass ….. looking for a visa letter for inviting Islamic Scholars from their native homelands along with much more.

I also have an eyeglass; the eyeglass of the Quran and Sunnah. I have Quran with several translations and tafaseers (explanation), Hadith and Seerah books, and books of scholars of Islam who have painstakingly explained the politics and social sciences of Islam. I derived my political thought from these sources. . One of brother was highly offended when I stated “I will not change my point of view” on this election or voting issue. The fact is, that yes! I can change if someone proves from the reference of Quran and Sunnah (Nusus). However, I will not change my opinion based on Harpers’ rhetoric or Trudeu’s hypocrisy nor Muclair’s sympathy for the niqab (and more empathy for homosexual life style), media propaganda or newspaper clippings.

Let us check who bigger evils are from the eyeglass of the Quran;

Shirk: Behold, Luqman(RA) said to his son by way of instruction: “O my son! Join not in worship (others) with Allah: for false worship is indeed the highest wrong-doing.” (33:13).

Homosexuality: “And leave those whom Allah has created for you to be your mates? Nay, ye are a people transgressing (all limits)!” (26:166)

`“And remember when We sent Lot [as a Messenger to his people and he said to them: ‘Do you realize you practice an indecency of which no other people in the world were guilty of before you? You approach men lustfully in place of women. You are a people who exceed all bounds.’ Their only answer was: ‘Banish them from your town. They are a people who pretend to be pure.’ Then We delivered Lot and his household, save his wife, who stayed behind, And We let loose a shower [of stones] upon them, Observe, then, the end of the evil-doers.”(7: 81-85)

The nation of Lot (RA) has been punished in a way that no other nation has been punished in the past or present.

Usury: “O ye who believe! Fear Allah, and give up what remains of your demand for usury, if ye are indeed believers. If ye do it not, Take notice of war from Allah and His Messenger: But if ye turn back, ye shall have your capital sums: Deal not unjustly, and ye shall not be dealt with unjustly. (2:278-279).

Looking at each evil mentioned above we as a Muslim community and as Canadian nation can reflect our entanglement in these three evils.

• As no one is worshiping idols here in Canada. Majority worship their desires and lusts. Both the main contenders from my riding (Don Valley West) were “Christians.” One has family, children and grand children and strongly believes in traditional religious family values. The other contender was also Christian but he is against traditional family values. He is married to a man. He has the right to do it according to the new Canadian laws of the land. It is legal. However, is it difficult for us to know who worships his desire and lust more than the other?

• NDP (champion #1) and Liberal (champion #2) admires homosexuality as noble, respected life style. As a matter of fact traditionally, NDP give their shoulder to all kinds of evil doings and Liberal took it on their head and brought the laws to regulate it and over the passage of time Conservatives surrendered. In the last week of election, Stephen Harper is defending flyers being distributed by Conservatives in the election campaign that warns of Trudeau government – their winning will lead to “illegal drug injection sites in our neighborhoods” and “brothels in our communities.” Mr. Harper is 100% right. If you venture in to the past, the same viewpoint was held by the Conservatives for homosexuality. If drugs, marijuana, and brothels will be legalized by Liberals, Conservatives will not make this an issue after one or two elections. However, Conservatives did not pass the bill for same sex marriage and other related bills from Federal or provincial; it was the minority Liberal in 2005 with the support of NDP who passed and legalized “same sex marriage.”

Liberals have legalized this act initially in Ontario, followed by the Federal Parliament. Minority Conservative Party elected in 2006 tried its best to reopen the issue and repeal it but they didn’t have the majority numbers.

Bill C279 could allow men to use women’s bathrooms, change rooms, showers, and other gender-specific facilities if they claim that they are “expressing” their gender. Women and girls are put at risk and predators get a legal defense.

Bill C279 could allow men to use women’s bathrooms, change rooms, showers, and other gender-specific facilities if they claim that they are “expressing” their gender. Women and girls are put at risk and predators get a legal defense.

If we look at Bill P279: Federal bill brought by a NDP MP as a private bill, Liberals and 18 members of Conservative supported it. This is an Act to amend Canadian Human Rights Act and the Code (gender identity). Bill C279 could allow men to use women’s bathrooms, change rooms, showers, and other gender-specific facilities if they claim that they are “expressing” their gender. Women and girls are put at risk and predators get a legal defense. Businesses and organizations alike (including all Islamic Organizations) and individuals could unknowingly commit Human Rights and/or Criminal Code Violations if they fail to offer “gender neutral” facilities. For defending “Niqab” in Oath Ceremony for a Muslimah (however you must do it), and for defending a convicted and admitted terrorists to give up his Canadian citizenship if he has dual nationality (however you must do it), you supported the individuals and parties who are sinking you in a gutter civilization. Please reflect and make a comparison.

All the party leaders proudly attend gay pride parade except Stephen Harper.

Justin Trudeu was proudly photographed with a topless young girl that televised in CBC. He felt excited when met nude or half nude girls in LGBT parade. Mr. Harper never reciprocated these actions. Mr. Trudeu is the first PM who has tattoo in his body. He promised to legalize Marijuana and weed.

I bet and I have full conviction that I have a better eyeglass as compared to my opponents. The victory is making you unwise but I stand upon my principle.

The question “how many people understood my column and how many voted upon my endorsed candidate in Thorncliffe Park Buildings doesn’t hold any meaning if I conveyed my message to my people. I conveyed it to thousands and I won.

I have learned the lesson from Prophet Noah (A.) to Imam Hussain (R.), and from Lut (A.) to Jesus (Aa.) that numbers don’t matter. The person/group/community/nation is always successful if they stood for Right over Wrong.

The argument among some of the Muslim community leaders is, if we will give (open for) gay rights, then we will have chance to have our “rights”. What is your rights brother? Can you clarify? You are asking for “your right” by throwing out the whole nation in the gutter and by facilitating to adopt a lifestyle that is war against God, war against human nature, war against the society, war against the family, war against the human race, and war against human existence. Please go and re-examine the Quran.
“Ye are the best of peoples, evolved for mankind, enjoining what is right, forbidding what is wrong, and believing in Allah.” Quran 3:110.

As the Ummah (Muslim community) of the Last and Final Messenger of Allah (swt), and as a missionary nation (community), we have a vital duty to convey the message of God to the Canadian nation; what is right and wrong. By doing our duties and fulfilling these responsibilities, our rights will be protected by Allah, (swt). When we play the role that Allah has assigned to us and if we will fulfill our responsibility to struggle for the just rights of the people, the whole universe will harmonize with our cause. We will come across many people and creations of Allah (swt) protecting our rights.

There is no other Messenger till doomsday (Qiyamah). We are the custodians of the most sacred trust of Allah(swt); the Guidance; Al Quran. We need a society, a culture, an environment where the message of this book is not only protected but conveyed to the people.

I will prefer a “bible nation” over “liberal/secular/gay nation.” Any day.
There is a much better chance and you may have hope that a “bible Canada” may find the “latest bible”; Al-Quran as their lost treasure. Who can deny that Muhammad (saw)) is another Messenger and younger brother of Jesus (A. S.).

But I have no or slight hope from a liberal, secular or gay Canada.

I prefer 100 percent more a Christian prayer in the school over Gay Straight Alliance Club (already established in all public funded schools).

I prefer bible stories 100 % more than the stories of two moms and two dads and “My Chacha is gay” in the schools.

I can’t persuade the person from my community who discovered the ruins of Lot (A.) in Canada and imposed them as leaders/representatives of our community. I am not addressing him. He might get his highest “reward” in this life by protecting his job in Liberal Caucus and expanding his business. He got it but is he successful????.

I have chosen my path with full conviction. There must be someone who can play the role of Lot (a.s.). It does not matter how many support it. Or if anyone supports it, they are welcome, if not, I am Okay. I have my commitment with my Lord. I firmly believe that marriage is a sacred union between a man and a woman. Sexual relationship is only possible and allowed between a man and woman within a marriage contract. Abortion is a murder of a child before birth. This is my belief and I have a right to practice, convey and propagate under the Charter of Rights and Freedom. I will always support the party or person both on a Federal and Provincial level who will be more closer to my belief.

This is our peaceful resistance movement. We have no ambition to sabotage, terrorize, and forcefully convince the people at large. Allah(swt) didn’t permit that. So we don’t have fear of deportation. If they will deport us despite our peaceful resistance, Allah will provide us a better place along with a better life. This is the Sunnah (practice) of God.

• All parties, nations and communities (including Muslim majority) are indulged in usury; interest or riba; the source of exploitation, oppression, economic injustice, and Capitalism. Jews are not allowed to ask interest/usury from their Jewish brothers and sisters but they are openly allowed to grab it from gentiles/goyim. We Muslims (according to Islam) are suppose to like for ourselves, what we like for all human beings. We were ordered to spend and give that is more than our necessities. If we can’t, then spend to become a partner in business and take share in profit and loss.

Muslims are now so lenient in the issue of Riba that several Masajid has also been built on by mortgaging from Credit Unions. They are “fighting” with Allah (swt) for the “cause” of Allah(swt) and for the “house” of Allah (swt).

This is another topic, I will deal it in another article. The nation and communities indulged in Riba and there is no comparison for lesser evil (of political parties) in this issue.

It was not difficult to find a “lesser evil” if our guide were “Quran” to judge.

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  1. Eqbal says:

    Well written Jawed Anwar

  2. Vali Bhalagamwala says:

    Assalaamo Alaikum. Daer Br Jawed:
    I like to read more on this issue:
    Muslims are now so lenient in the issue of Riba that several Masajid has also been built on by mortgaging from Credit Unions. They are “fighting” with Allah (swt) for the “cause” of Allah(swt) and for the “house” of Allah (swt)..
    Regards Vali

  3. Imran Shaikh says:

    Highly valuable analysis brother Javed. I was definitely affected by reading about choosing better evil to some extent, however at the end I finally concluded my self and decided with peace of mind to vote for Conservative. The best way would have been not to confuse the general public but some shura must have taken place among muslim activists in the community and to send united single message to advise voting for single party. Unfortunately that made me little depressed but few paragraphs in this article explain the difference of thoughts and opinions that now makes sense to me.

    I want to summarize my feelings by saying that our community must understand the issues of highest priority in the light of Quranic and Sunnah guidance. One Q: How come there are different highest priorities than to oppose the rainbow movement to engulf our innocent brains. Keep rainbow movement on one side of scale and rest of things on the other side, which one would weigh more ?

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