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Perspective: Islam Vs Muslim

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THE topic may astonish many.

muslim-islamIt is true. Ideally there should not be a difference in an Islamic perspective and a Muslim perspective. Islam literal meaning is to surrender [oneself to Allah (swt) in order to attain peace]. And Muslim is a person who accepts Islam as a way of life. A Muslim is supposed to be a faith based person who has taken on a mission to spread and establish Islam for universal peace and justice. He should strive with his utmost attempt to fulfill this responsibility. Therefore, there should not be difference in Islam and Muslim.

However, unfortunately that is not the case. A person born in a Muslim family calls himself Muslim. Majority of these “Cultural Muslims” do not have proper knowledge and education of Islam. Our Islam is just a cultural reflection in weekly Friday prayer or occasional ceremonial events; birth, marriage, death, Ramadan, Eid, quran khani, and so on.

Our most important mission to have a “missionary zeal” for spreading the message of Islam has vanished. We are now considering ourselves as a nation/community similar to other nations/communities. We forgot the Message of the last Messenger of Allah (saw) that there is no Messenger or Prophet after him (saw), so now we the followers (Ummah) have the responsibility to carry the torch and spread light to all the nations and communities till qiyamah (doomsday). That is why we are different nations with a different chemistry having blood of Tawheed (oneness of God, universe and humanity) in our veins. Allah ordained us;

“Ye are the best of peoples, evolved for mankind, enjoining what is right, forbidding what is wrong, and believing in Allah.” Quran 3:110.

It is unfortunate that we Muslims have conveniently forgotten what we are, why we are here and what responsibility have been bestowed upon us. We have started believing that we are a society like other societies. As a group of people we have several “rights” and that should be protected. We have our own wish list; open immigration policy so our brothers and sisters can immigrate, sponsor spouses and dear ones, fast visa process, more jobs, economic betterment, Muslims representatives in Federal and Provincial assemblies, more Muslims in government, media, and financial organizations. For religious rights, our greatest reach is establishment of a Musallah or a Masjid, organizing taraweeh and Iftar, wishing that Eid one day and should be declared a national and provincial holiday, etc.

As a member of the Muslim community, one can’t deny that Muslims should have these rights. There is no reason why they should not have these aspirations and ambitions. Everyone in their community has the right that should be protected.

But the Islamic perspective reminds us that if we do not fulfill our responsibility that Allah(swt) has assigned us then we will be ultimate losers. No matter how luxuriant our worldly life here is, we will not take any material possessions with us on the Day of Judgment. In other words by seeing that our time is melting away like a seal of ice, we will try our best to utilize our maximum ability and time to fulfill the real task that was endowed to us; rather than running around demanding our so called “rights”.

Islamic perspective will make a person concerned by seeing the dominance of Shaitanic web and humanity is at a complete loss. He will use his maximum time and ability to see each and every inhabitant of this country going to the direction of heaven and saving and holding them from dropping into the hellfire. He will ignore his own as well as his community’s material rights by believing that it will be protected by Allah (swt).

Islam gives us a different perspective. That is; if we are fruitful to our nation and our people, the sky and earth will harmonize with us and angels provide shadow to us.

“For the scum disappears like forth cast out; while that which is for the good of mankind remains on the earth.” (Al-Quran: 13:17 part)

Trees take in the sun’s warmth and sway providing shade and fruits to the people who have deep roots in the earth. The sea opens its arms for the beneficent business ships however throw away garbage to the shore. A gardener cares for plants of flowers and fruits but cuts away unwanted plants, weeds and thrones. This is the law of nature.

A giver can’t be a loser. Everything in the earth and sky will witness for him and it will continue till the world hereafter.

The best gift we have to give to humanity is “the guidance”, the Book of Allah; Al-Quran. By reading it, reciting it, understanding it, pondering upon it, practicing it, schooling it, educating with it, and by conveying it to all communities and nations and establishing a state and society according to the principle of Quran; the will of God.

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1 Response for “Perspective: Islam Vs Muslim”

  1. Ahmed Hamud says:

    Maa'sha Allah! Br. Jawed Anwar! for reminding us that:

    "We forgot the Message of the last Messenger of Allah (saw) that there is no Messenger or Prophet after him (saw), so now we the followers (Ummah) have the responsibility to carry the torch and spread light to all the nations and communities till qiyamah (doomsday)."

    How about if the Followers (Ummah) in Canada use the fight against the current indoctrination and exploitation of Ontario children, as the 'torch' and spread the light to all Canadians and beyond? I am confident if we take the lead and fully get organized around this issue, which is at the heart of the endangered Canadian Family, we will by default spreading the Message of the last Messenger of Allah.

    Just a humble thought,
    Ahmed Hamud

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