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Alhamdulillah, our first issue of Monthly print edition of Muslims (English language magazine with an Urdu section, Kids & Teens Mag, and Parenting Supplements) is coming soon (December 2015 issue). The Magazine will be widely distributed in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area), Insha Allah.

We need your urgent help and generous support;

1. If you have business, advertise your product/service or any Message to deliver in the communities or just buy a page to help and dedicate for the good cause.
2. If you are a professional, please donate generously or buy a page to help and dedicate for the good cause.
3. If you are a writer, please contribute and contact us to pitch story.
4. Annual Subscription: C$100 for Canada (outside GTA), and US $100 (outside Canada).
5. Organizations/Associations/Centers/Businesses can send their news releases, events news and photographs to print.

Canada is a great country and Islam is the best Deen (way of life) for mankind. Quran is the latest and last edition of series of divine books revealed by Allah. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him) is the last Messenger of Allah after Issa (Jesus, Peace be upon him) the Guide, the Leader and mercy upon all mankind till the last day.

We preferred Canada for our homeland due to many reasons. Firstly, we believed that Canada the best country on earth. It has beautiful people and stunning nature which includes vast oceans, glaciers, mountains, rivers and lakes.

We love Canada because people in general are helpful, truthful, trustworthy, hard working, organized, and disciplined. Institutions are established and people respect the law of the land. As a matter of fact, we Muslims, living in colonial period of slavery for centuries had lost several of the attributes that Canadian nation still adhere upon.

However, the Canadian social and family systems are in real bad shape. The institution of marriage that is a sacred union between men and women has broken down. Majority of couples are living outside wedlock. Divorce is so common that many Canadians live alone or as single parents. On the other hand, same sex marriage and other life styles have wrecked the situation further and have contributed to broken families and the social fabric of Canada. In contrast, we Muslims have protected our family system and have kept it intact despite centuries of hardships and unfavorable environments.

The Canadian education system failed to develop the character of the new generation; our youth. Parents and elders are losing their own children at an early age. They seem to only recall them on Fathers’ day and Mothers’ Day. Many of them don’t bother to see them even on these days. Alternatively, we, Muslims have a strong well-built character based education system that brings into being responsible citizens, respectful sons and daughters. All of our calendar days belong to fathers and mothers. We take care of our parents and elders until our last breath.

On the economic front, despite enormous land, resources and wealth, majority of Canadian are struggling. Capitalism, interest/usury based economy and the system in which wealth flows towards a small group of people who holds capital are unjust and reason of all economic woes. We Muslims have a balanced economic system (although it is not in practice anywhere now) that is based on capital/worker partnership, usury/interest free economy, brotherhood/sisterhood, charity, soft and forgivable loans (in case of inability to return). We believe Quranic/Prophetic economic system can cure the economic woes of our nation and the world.

In short, to build the character of the nation, we have to learn from each other and strive together.

This is the purpose of the Magazine (Muslims) starting soon , Insha Allah.


* Cover Story
* News Articles
* Editorials & Columns
* Interview (with Personalities that matter)
* Canada: National Issues
* Toronto & Ontario: Local Issues
* Articles on Different Aspects of Seerah of Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.)
* Entrepreneur/Business, Economy
* Health
* Book Reviews
* Parenting
* Urdu Section (8 pages)
* Kids &Teen’s Mag: (Short Stories, Seerah and Poems)

About Publisher & Managing Editor
Jawed Anwar

Publishing Experiences:

2007-Now Publisher & Editor Newsblog
2011- Now Publisher & Editor Seerah School –An Education News Blog and a movement for the alternate education system
1999-2006 Publisher & Chief Editor, Muslims Weekly Print (English), New York, USA
1988-1997 Publisher & Managing Editor, Datalog Monthly (English), Karachi, Pakistan

– Completed Fellowship of New York Times, New York in 2005
– Written hundreds of articles, columns, and feature stories

-Thorncliffe Food Bank, an ICNA Relief Project (Manager)-2009
-Seerah Mission School (Founder President and Principal)-2013

Journalism Awards:
In 2003, Muslims Weekly won six awards presented by the Independent Press Association, New York, an association of all ethnic and community newspapers. Muslims Weekly won Best Photograph, Best Re-Design, Second Best Editorial/Commentary, Second Best Article on Immigrant Issues, Second Best in Overall Layout/Design and Third Best in Layout/Design under the category of ‘newspapers of New York under the circulation of 25,000’.

(Jawed Anwar won Best Photograph and Second Best Article on Immigrant Issues.)
In 2004, Jawed Anwar won the Best Feature (Third Place) Article and the
Best Editorial/Commentary (Third Place) along with three other awards to different writers of Muslims Weekly by Independent Press Association, New York.

In 2005, Jawed Anwar won Best Editorial Award (Third Place) in the Editorial Category. Muslims Weekly also won Best Article on Immigrant Issues, Racial, or Social Justices, the Honorable Mention on the article “The Muslim Participation in US Presidential Election (Record Muslim Voter Turnout) by Jehangir Khatak.

In 2005, Muslims Weekly, New York (Publisher & Chief Editor Jawed Anwar) won Media Justice Award by Council of American-Islamic Relations, New York (CAIR NY).

Certificate Course of Journalism from New York University, New York, USA in 1999
M. A. (Journalism), B. Sc. (Physics)

Jawed Anwar
Publisher & Managing Editor

2 Thorncliffe Park Dr. Unit 46
Toronto, ON M4H 1H2
Tel: (416) 568-8190


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