California Shooting-Lessons to learn

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san-bernardino-shootingTHE shooting in San Bernardino California, left at least 14 people dead and many others injured. Although, an initial cautious approach was adopted but when the revelations started pouring for the association of shooters with the Islamist extremist organization, the media, has focused its guns on Muslims and Islam.

As per the story, the 28-year-old US citizen Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik, 27, opened fire on a social services center while it was hosting a Christmas celebration. They were shot dead by police hours later after an intense manhunt.

In the aftermath of the killings, the motives of the shootings have been open to debate. Let us have a peek on them.
Farook and Tashfeen were happily married and had a six month daughter. Farook was employed at the local health department with a decent salary and living an American dream life. So, what motivated both to undertake the shootings?

Work place violence: It is being said that before shooting, Farook had an argument at the Christmas party which led to the shooting. However the planning with which Farook and Tashfeen returned to the party to undertake the shooting spree negates the work place issues. Probably, the incident was the trigger for shooting.

Influence of Tashfeen on Farook: Farook met with Tashfeen thorough an online dating service. Farook went to Saudi Arabia in 2013, met her and the family to get married in 2014. Tashfeen’s family was in Saudi Arabia, so it appears that her base of hatred for anti-Islamic forces was formed in Saudi Arabia, but transformation and radicalization came later. Farook was a devoted Muslim, but Tashfeen probably influenced him by her radical approach.

Role of Islamic Radical Organization: Islam is being portrayed as a threat to the global peace. All efforts are geared towards demonizing it. There are several Islamic radical organizations established on a regional basis. These are being funded to spread hatred among the Muslims for the events taking place against Muslims on a global basis.

So, what are the lessons learnt?

1. Role of media: Any act of terrorism from these organizations, the media is quick to label Islam as the main reason. Even the media is quick to identify Tashfeen’s allegiance to a radical organization through a face book page which even does not bear her identity. The media, however, never labels any other acts of shooting by people from other faith as a faith based act and start maligning it.

2. Raising of children in West: It is not easy for parents who migrate from East to have control on their children in West. The Western society allows liberalism and encourages children to be on their own at an early stage. The migrants to the West undergo a cultural shock when they move in. While absorbing this shock they are also economically driven to devote more time towards economic prosperity. This does not provide them with enough quality time to their children. The children are therefore, usually left alone to cope with their assimilation in the new environment.

3. Online Dating sites: Farook registered himself to a dating website at the age of 22. In Eastern culture, parents keep watch of their children and the marriages are usually by the choice of the parents. He eventually met Tashfeen, who was already radicalized and probably wanted to move to America to undertake any subversive activity. Marriage proposal from Farook was going to make the dream come true.

But, what transformed Tashfeen and radicalized her?

The pursuit of a new world order, gaining control of the oil reserves, reducing the number of people on the planet and having global control are the possible reasons which required a strategy to create a bogey man. Wearing the cloak of this bogey man and justifying the acts of terror to achieve the goal, needed a punching bag-an enemy. So, what would be the best enemy? Having getting rid of the communism, next threat-Islam, which is the fastest growing religion. So, pseudo organizations were created to create hatred among the masses by their involvements in acts which are contrary to Islam. Youths like Farook and Tashfeen are being indoctrinated to take revenge against the enemy of the enemy. Media controlled by the globalists then jumps in and open all cannons to lambast Islam, whereas, they keep silent when a similar act is undertaken by person of any other religion, labeling it as act of an individual.

While considering California shootings and similar such acts, one must not forget the reasons which motivated Tashfeen to migrate to America, influence a person to be the accomplice to commit the act. What motivated a mother to leave behind a six months old daughter? Was the cause greater than motherhood? The California episode was just the tip of the iceberg and under currents must not be ignored.

Dr. Minhaj A. Qidwai is a Marketing, Management, and Education consultant. He can be reached at

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