Jews against Islamophobia

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RABBI ALISSSA WISE, Co-Director of Organizing

Rabbi Alissa Wise

Rabbi Alissa Wise

RIGHT-wing politicians and pundits are rushing to stir up hatred against the Muslim community. Muslims have been assaulted in the street, abused on public transport, and subjected to racist witch-hunts across the media.

And though this hatred is now worse than ever, Muslims, and people perceived to be Muslim, have long been on the receiving end of systemic racism and Islamophobia — bigotry that runs deep throughout our society.

stop-Islamophobia-T-Shirt. During the 8 days of Chanukah, JVP activists in 16 cities staged actions and demonstrations against Islamophobia and racism. In the streets, and in our communities, we chose hope. We chose love. We chose justice.

We need you, Supporter, to send a message to the bigots and Islamophobes. There’s no place for hatred our community, and this is the time to say so.

Stand with our Muslim brothers and sisters, and with over 6,000 JVP activists across the U.S. — pledge to fight Islamophobia at

This week in Springfield, MA over 100 people attended a rally against racism organized
This week in Springfield, MA over 100 people attended a rally against racism organized by JVP Western Massachusetts. In New York, over 125 gathered in front of the Trump Tower. In Miami, Washington DC, Atlanta, Providence, Syracuse, Columbus, Portland OR, Durham, Seattle, Chicago, Ithaca, Denver, New Haven, and Albany, JVP members have been bringing our voice — your voice — to the streets.

Chanukah is over, but we’re not slowing down. We’re spreading the word and redoubling our commitment to make our streets safe for our Muslim neighbors.

Our rallying cry: Stop Profiling Muslims. (You can download posters and buy at-cost Stop Profiling Muslims apparel like t-shirts and buttons at And starting next week we’ll be organizing a new wave of events in communities across the country to help amplify our message of solidarity.

jewish_agaist_IslamophobiaWorking together with our allies and partners, our Network Against Islamophobia will carry on moving forward.
Here’s what we’re pledging to do:

• Talk to our Muslim neighbors and colleagues, and let them know that we stand with them and will continue to do so.

• Speak up and speak out, anytime we hear someone using hateful language—whether in a restaurant, on a bus, at school or on the street.

• Engage our friends and our kids, and make it clear that our community rejects Islamophobia.

• Be as visible as we can in our opposition to Islamophobia.

Thank you for speaking out against hatred. Thank you for standing with our Muslim brothers and sisters.
Thank you for being a voice for peace.

(Jewish Voice for Peace is a national membership organization inspired by Jewish tradition to work for the freedom, equality, and dignity of all the people of Israel and Palestine.)

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