Trump to Trump Americans

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trump-trumpDONALD Trump, is a Presidential candidate aspirant for nomination from the Republican Party as their choice. Donald is a New York tycoon in real estate and also famous among the youngsters due to his television show Apprentice. Donald Trump has been in Presidential election race since 1988. In 1999, he declared himself a candidate for the Reform Party but withdrew. Participating in 2011, lead among Republican candidates but again withdrew. On June 2015, Trump made a formal announcement of his candidacy for President of the United States in 2016. Trump trademarked his campaign slogan from his 1980 election “Make America Great Again”.

Not only he has shown a speedy ascendance in the polls, where he has left behind several people including Jeb Bush, Scott Walker and others. His popularity is not only due to his remarks on certain controversial issues like immigration, which others do not want to raise, but also recently due to his stand on Islam and Muslims. His inflammatory rhetoric now resonates across the world, finding echoes among Hindu supremacists in India and far-right politicians in Europe. His Islamophobia, the prejudice that blames Islam for the crimes of some present-day murderers and fanatics, and makes a diverse population of about 2 billion people look suspect in the eyes of the rest. Following the incidence in Paris and San Bernardino, Trump called for a complete ban on Muslims entering the United States. This led to a global uproar against Trump. He also went ahead in saying that he would order surveillance of “certain mosques” to combat terrorism. But this attempt to identify Islam’s allegedly vicious core — by taking the proclamations of fanatics at face value — merely begs some more questions.

People invoking democracy and human rights as their motivating force have most recently caused havoc in the Middle East. Does that make those who believe in democracy belonging to an inherently murderous faith?

But then the mills of Islamophobia do not need any intellectual precision or historical clarity. What keeps them churning is the paranoia of the rich as well as the unfocused fury and rampant frustration of citizens who feel left or pushed behind in highly unequal societies.

We should have been alerted to this phenomenon by the entwined history of anti-Semitism and demagoguery in the modern world. Like anti-Semitism, Islamophobia breeds in the swamp of fear and insecurity that is truly the modern world for many people. But proponents of any anti-Semitic speeches have forced people not to dare to criticize Semites. Unfortunately, Muslims do not have the muscle to enforce Anti-Islamic rhetoric by the Islamophobites. Such reaction in the hands of skillful and resourceful manipulators, can turn into a very dangerous force, as we have now witnessed with Trump. So why Trump is in twined with Islamophobia? Is it to create Republicans look bad? Will it lead to the division of votes among the Republicans?

Who will be the ultimate beneficiary? Is he a false-flag candidate?

1. Trump’s apparent intent to run on an independent ticket—should he lose the Republican nomination—indicates he cares more about splitting the Republican vote (essentially ensuring the election of a Democratic president) than he does about actually electing Republicans.

2. Trump has also been a flip flop in past with his party affiliations.

3. Trump has close ties to both Hillary and Bill Clinton, and has in fact donated to her and other Democrats’ campaigns in the past.

Time will tell exactly the intentions of Trump, whether he will be helping Democratic Hillary Clinton as an independent candidate or intends to bring cracks in the Republican party and indirectly divide its vote bank, again helping Hillary. Or will he withdraw himself from the race doing up the same!

Dr. Minhaj A. Qidwai is a Marketing, Management, and Education consultant. He can be reached at

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  1. Roshanali Lakhani says:

    Trump is finished! Eventually he is going to destroy Republican Party and that’s good for the Democratic Party. Democratic Party wins again, and let’s hope it does better than Obama- and proves itself a Peace creating country globally.

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