General Information

Bridging Programs
This site provides info of bridging programs put together by employers, colleges and universities, occupational regulatory bodies, and community organizations


Canada’s International Gateway
Provides information about visiting, studying, working and immigrating to Canada; doing business with Canada and foreign policy and international development 


Centre for internationally Trained Professionals & Trades people (CITPT)
Provides info related to programs that assist internationally trained professionally and trades people to secure work in their related backgrounds


Citizenship and immigration Canada
Information for new immigrants


Consortium of Agencies Serving Internationally-Trained Persons (CASIP)
The group works collaboratively and coordinates employment and training services for internationally trained professionals and workers


Global Experience Toronto
Access of all information resource that helps internationally trained and educated individuals to finds out how to qualify for professional practice in Ontario


Occupational Career Maps (Government of Ontario)
Provides Occupational career wise details for internationally trained professionals/workers


Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants (OCASI)
Advocacy for the immigrant serving sector and expert on immigrant and refugees issues


Ontario Immigration
Guides to living, housing, working, doing businesses and studying in Ontario; information on before you arrive and after you arrive


Ontario Network for Internationally Trained Professionals Online
This site will help you finding employment and building a career in your professional field


Ontario Regulators for Access
Helps Ontario regulatory bodies improve access by international candidates to self regulated professions in Ontario


Professionals Mentoring Resources
This is an online forum provides mentoring, resources and services that assist skilled experienced and expert professionals, business people and trades people who are new in Canada. for Newcomers in Ontario
Information and resources for newcomers; housing, education, employment, health and more


Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council
Working to improve access to employment for immigrants in the city of Toronto and the regions of peel, York, and Halton, so they are better able to use the skills, education and experience they bring.


Work Destinations
A comprehensive source of information on regulated trades and profession in Canada; includes information for Canadian residents who want to pursue their trade of profession in another province or territory


Working in Canada
Developed to help newcomers that are interested in living and working in Canada permanently; provides information on finding a job, the challenges of working in Canada, workers fights and more

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